It’s already time to start prepping your kitchen for the holidays! Whether you’re making a huge meal for friends and family, or paring down the traditional dinner for two, you’re going to need a few kitchen basics.

There’s nothing worse than starting your cooking on a holiday, and realizing you don’t have the right tools for the job. Off go the slippers! Off you go to a grocery store! There’s not a quicker way to ruin the relaxing magic of a slow and simmery Thanksgiving day than having to rush-rush-rush last minute.

We’re here to help! We’ve created an entire Thanksgiving menu of all-new recipes. Overnight Turkey, Twice Baked Smashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Maple Cheesecake, and Spicy Sriracha Cranberry Sauce! Every classic, updated with delicious twists you’ll love. While you’re at the grocery store, we also wanted to offer a quick-reference checklist so you can grab any of the tools you need to update, repurchase, or newly acquire. Some of the necessary Thanksgiving Kitchen tools will sit dormant all year, so it’s a great idea to double-check your cupboards and shelves with our checklist, and confirm any of the tools you’ll need that may be broken or missing.

The great news? While you’re shopping for your Thanksgiving menu at the grocery store, you can find Good Cook kitchen tools right in the baking aisle! No need to make a second trip, no need to go to a specialty store, look for our kitchen tools in your favorite local grocery stores and get everything you need for Thanksgiving…while you shop for Thanksgiving ingredients!

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Thanksgiving Essentials

Poultry Twine
Most turkey’s come with plastic pieces tying their legs together, which you’ll remove before cooking. Use poultry or kitchen twine to re-tie the turkey legs before cooking, which will ensure your bird is evenly roasted, doesn’t dry out, and yield a beautifully shaped bird.

Turkey Roasting Pan
Don’t get stuck cooking your Turkey in a tiny pan! Grab a Good Cook roasting pan so you’ll have ample space to cook that bird, without any juices dripping onto the bottom of your stove—which can burn and stain the stove for good.

Turkey Baster
The Good Cook Turkey Baster makes it easy to suck up those delicious juices on the bottom of a turkey pan, drizzling them over the top of your baking turkey, where they can baste your bird moist and tender. With a long handle and easy-squeeze bulb, you never have to worry about burning yourself as you baste.

Digital Thermometer
Turkey can be finicky when it cooks, so you’ll want to get a digital thermometer on hand, to ensure you’re getting fully-cooked meat. A precise thermometer will also help you keep from overcooking your turkey, since you can see the exact moment when your inner breast meat reaches the ideal 170 degrees.

Fat Separator
To make a good gravy, you want all the turkey drippings and none of the fat. The Good Cook fat separator makes this task easy. You simply drizzle the drippings into the strained cup, let the fat rise to the top, and pour out the juices into your gravy pot. The fat will be left behind!

Kitchen Timer
With multiple pots bubbling away, you’ll want to keep track of the cook time on several dishes at once. While you may already have a cell phone alarm, and stove timer, stocking up with an additional kitchen timer makes it easy to coordinate several cook times at once.

Also Nice to Have

A 9×13 Pan
If you’re making any sort of cake, crumble, or casserole for Thanksgiving this year, you’ll need a 9×13” pan. In fact, you’ll likely need several! The perfect size for feeding a crowd, check your cupboards to ensure you have enough 9×13 pans for each of the bulk recipes you’ll be baking this year`.

Santoku Knife
You’ll likely need a whole set of knives (sitting down to the dinner table with a butter knife can make for some tough turkey eating!) but make sure you at least have one top-quality sharp all-around chef’s knife. Our favorite? The Good Cook 7” Santoku knife, which is perfect for chopping, dicing, and slicing tender pieces of turkey. It works great in the kitchen, and looks nice on a serving platter, too!

Large Mixing Bowls
Whether you’re stirring up batters, or need a few extra bowls for serving, make sure you have enough at least one mixing bowl for each dish you’ll be making this Thanksgiving. Since every dish needs to be coordinated at the same time, not having to juggling a single bowl to mix multiple dishes will be a total lifesaver.

Measuring Cups
If you’re baking anything at all this Thanksgiving, be sure you’ve got a full set of measuring cups. If your current set is dented, melted, or has lost parts, it may be time to donate the old to a local thrift shop and buy yourself a shiny new set.

Measuring Spoons
Just like measuring cups, a full set of measuring spoons makes it easy to bake up perfect recipes every time. Don’t leave yourself wondering what a teaspoon of baking soda looks like, get a new set of measuring spoons in your kitchen this year, so you don’t have to do the guess test.

The Good Cook tongs are handy in the kitchen, making it simple to transfer hot potatoes from pot to bowl. But, they also look good as a serving implement on a dinner table. Perfect for pinching slices of turkey, you’ll use tongs for several steps on Thanksgiving day. Make sure you have a set!

A metal spatula (or two or three) is a must-have for Thanksgiving Dinner. The easiest way to serve up Sweet Potato Pie, cornbread, and cake, metal spatulas make for mess-free transferring from dish to dining plate.

Potato Masher
Thanksgiving dinner making usually means a complicated game of baking-roulette. You have to pull out the turkey to bake the dinner rolls. Coordinate burners so everything gets cooked on time. And, use the stand mixer to make everything from batters to mashed potatoes. Make your life a little bit easier this year by buying a basic potato masher. You can toss those tender tots in a bowl, and invite your favorite sous chef to mash them in any corner of the kitchen. It makes life simple, and the Good Cook potato masher is beyond budget-friendly. Plus, if all that baking overrides your electrical circuit…at least you’ll have mashed potatoes to eat!

Parchment Paper
Save yourself hours of cleanup by lining your baking dishes with parchment before preparing!

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