Tis’ the season for holiday baking, and the best way to spread festive cheer is with a delivery of homemade baked goods. A package of delectable cookies or irresistible bars is the perfect way to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. We’re here to make sure those heartfelt gifts don’t arrive rock hard or in a pile of crumbs. From the moment your cookies come out of the oven, we’ve got the best tips and tricks for storing, wrapping and shipping your homemade treats so they stay as fresh, intact and delicious as possible. 

Whether your treats are being delivered down the street or across the country, the GoodCook line of EveryWare Food Storage Containers makes it possible to deliver a stack of cookies to your loved ones without sacrificing cookie shape or flavor. The GoodCook EveryWare Food Storage Containers come in a variety of sizes, so you can send a small package to a single friend or a larger container to a family. The containers also feature BPA-free material and lids that snap on for a tight seal, perfect for maintaining the freshness of baked goods. 

What treats do ship well?

Before getting started, we’ve got some suggestions for selecting the best cookies to send, since some cookies aren’t travel-worthy. Don’t ship perishable cookies or bars that need refrigeration like cheesecake bars or custardy Nanaimo bars. Delicate and fragile cookies like Madeleines don’t ship well either.  

Dense cookies or bars that hold their shape well, like brownies and blondies. Drop cookies, like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, gingersnap or this 3 cookies from one dough recipe ship well. Firm-textured cookies like biscotti, shortbread or Mexican wedding cookies ship well too.

How to pack baked goods 

  • DO cool your cookies before packing them. A GoodCook Cooling Rack is perfect for this task. 
  • DO wrap individual items to in plastic wrap or foil.
  • DO store cookies and bars in airtight containers. Our favorite containers for storing and shipping baked goods are the GoodCook EveryWare Food Storage Containers
  • DON’T store soft, moist cookies near firm-textured cookies like biscotti. The biscotti will absorb moisture and loose crunch. 
  • DON’T overstuff or under stuff your containers. This can damage cookie shape and cause breakage. If you have extra room in each container, add paper towels for cushion and bulk. 

Tips For packing baked goods

  • Place heavy, dense bars on the bottom of the each container, then layer with lighter cookies.
  • If you’re shipping several different cookie flavors (like peppermint and cinnamon), store them in separate GoodCook EveryWare Containers so the flavors don’t blend.
  • If you plan to freeze your treats, freeze them separately on a baking sheet or cookie tray first. Once frozen, transfer to an airtight GoodCook EveryWare Container.

3 Fun Ways to Wrap Your Baked Goods

Half the fun of the holidays is the wrapping! Package your baked goods for gifting using one of these 3 fun and festive techniques. 

Furoshiki: a modern take on Japanese cloth wrapping

  • Cut a large square of fabric
  • Place your package in the center and fold each of the corners toward the center. 
  • Knot edges atop the container using a simple square knot. 

Snowman Wrap: DIY decor for reusable containers

  • Cut red adhesive felt lengthwise into 1-inch strip
  • Cut fringe along the end of each strip to make a cheery scarf and attach to the container. 
  • Stick on black buttons with double-sided tape. 

Ribbon Wrap: turn your baked goods into a beautiful gif

  • Tie with curling ribbon or a bow
  • Decorate with natural elements like pinecones, jingle bells or rosemary

How to Ship Baked Goods 

Once your baked goods are wrapped, prepare them for safe travels no matter the distance. 

  • BUNDLE UP: Plastic wrap each individual baked treat before packing in a decorative box and/or shipping container.
  • COZY UP: The shipping box should be a sturdy cardboard box that’s large enough to allow two inches of cushion. Insulate around your wrapped goodies using crinkle paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or by wadded up packing paper to keep them safe and secure during transit.
  • SEAL AND LABEL:  Seal the box with adhesive packing tape and mark the package “Perishable Food” and/or “Fragile”.

Happy baking, and happy packing, wrapping, and shipping!


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