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The season of haunts and horrors is upon us, and Good Cook’s Sweet Creations line has launched an entirely fun way to celebrate! The Sweet Creations Haunted House Cutter Set makes it easy to build your own spooky Haunted Gingerbread House. With a box full of giant cookie cutters ready to press into a batch of gingerbread, it’s easy to prep everything you need to build a Haunted House of your own. Here are a top tricks and tips to making your own Haunted House for Halloween!

TRICK #1: Make your gingerbread from scratch.
Make the gingerbread recipe on the back of the Haunted House Cutter Set the night before you plan on decorating your haunted houses. Though there are many premade packets of gingerbread cookie mix available in stores, you’ll want to stick to the recipe on the box. It’s specifically created for gingerbread house baking, and will yield firm cookies that retain their shape during baking.

TRICK #2: Use the cutters to create your house.
You’ll need two of the orange pieces, two of the green pieces, and four of the purple pieces. Once you’ve cut one of the orange pieces, turn it over and press the top of the cookie cutter into the gingerbread for a cute pre-pressed mold, which will bake beautifully into your cookie dough, giving you ready-made home décor! Turning over one of the orange pieces for baking will also prepare your house for the final setup! To assemble the house properly, the gingerbread pieces cut with the orange cutter have to mirror each other, with the tall peaks of the haunted house both set up on the same side of the house.

TRICK #3: Prep and bake your gingerbread on parchment paper.
Good Cook’s parchment paper keeps your work and baking surfaces clean, but also reduce the potential frustration that can happen when working with sticky dough and precise measurements.

The front of each cutter can be pressed into your dough to imprint fun Halloween designs right into the dough!

TRICK #3: Here’s the biggest trick of them all!
As soon as you pull your baked gingerbread pieces from the oven, press your cookie cutters quickly into the hot cookies. The dough will be just soft enough for a few seconds to make it easy to “re-cut” and “resize” the cookies with the original cookie cutters, snipping off any extra pieces that may have baked or altered shape when you transferred it onto your baking sheet. Once recut, allow the gingerbread to cool completely and harden before removing from your baking sheet.

TRICK #4: Gather Your Minions (and Munchies!)
Prep your haunted house decorating area ahead of time. Lay out bowls of candy corn, mellowcreme pumpkins, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more. Or, choose your own color scheme and find candies that fit! Orange, black, purple, green, white, yellow…there are so many fun color combinations that will make your haunted house look amazing!

TRICK 5: Make Royal Icing
No matter how tempted you may be to buy premade icing, a quick back of royal icing makes all the difference when assembling your haunted house. Royal icing isn’t fun to eat, but it’s firm and quick-bonding, and dries as solid as a rock in minutes.
Royal Icing Recipe
4 egg whites
1 (2-pound) bag powdered sugar
2 tablespoon shortening OR 1/2 tablespoon cream of tartar (optional)
In a stand mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Add powdered sugar and shortening. Beat until well combined and fluffy. If needed, add 2-3 tablespoons of water to thin the frosting out to desired consistency. Tint with gel food coloring, as desired.

TRICK #6: Assemble Your Haunted House
The best place to assemble your haunted house? On a piece of cardboard covered with tin foil! That way, you’ve got a cheap, disposable base for your haunted house which is firm enough to hold the haunted house, and easy to cut into whatever shape you please!
When assembling, remember that the “front” and “back” pieces of your haunted house must be flipped to mirror each other. Pipe royal icing onto the bottom of each piece and press the front, back, and side pieces together. Piping royal icing onto the seams of each piece will help you keep the house together with minimal icing, while giving good, strong support to the edges of your haunted house.

TRICK #7: Decorate and Have Fun!
Keep in mind as you’re preparing to make this haunted house, it’s an experience! From prep to finish, plan on a minimum of 3 hours to make, bake, assemble, and decorate your haunted house. If making it with kids, it’s strongly recommended that you bake and assemble the haunted house the day before, allowing the icing to dry and firm up before inviting tots to frost and decorate.


Get Fresh! The latest Good Cook products to hit the shelves are these adorable produce keepers. Now you can store your leftover produce, keep it fresher than ever, and keep it looking CUTE in your fridge. Cute fridges are things people, we love you. Fresh off taking our Good Cook Produce Keepers for a spin, we asked our Good Cook Kitchen Experts to tell us how they use all their fruit and veggie leftovers. After all, we’re sure you’re not the only one that gets to the bottom of the berry container and wonders, “now what do I do with five blackberries?”

Have no fear! The Good Cook Kitchen Experts lend us their takes on what to do with all those produce remnants. Because, now that you’re storing your stuff in our supercute Produce Keepers, you’re going to have more produce to use, and a lot less waste.

Let’s get cooking!

1. With berry remnants I like to purée them and then freeze to use as ice cubes in punch or water. Tammy Litke, Three Different Directions

2. I put leftover pieces of lime, lemon and oranges into the garbage disposal, it makes it smell fresh and clean Tonya Staab, Create, Celebrate and Explore

3. I like to toss all of my veggie scraps into soups since I always have homemade chicken stock on hand. My chickens don’t mind getting whatever is left either. Chrystal Johnson, Happy Mothering

4. With 9 kids we hardly ever have leftovers, but when we do I’ll throw the veggies in a casserole or soup and whip up a mixed fruit salad. Erin Slocum, For Him and My Family

5. Whenever I have a leftover lemon, I use it to clean the stove (or bathroom)! Sprinkle baking soda on soiled areas, then squeeze lemon juice on top! Let sit for five minutes then wipe up! Dawn Munroe, The Frugal Mom.

6. I love tossing leftover fruits and veggies into smoothies or salads. It’s surprising how many little extras actually taste good in those two dishes! Brooke McLay,CheekyKitchen

How do YOU like to use your leftover produce? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment and let us know your favorite secrets for those remnants you’re storing in your fridge!


If you like avocado as much as we do, why not grab one of our super-cute and conveniently easy Good Cook avocado slicers, sit back with a bowl of the green stuff, and read up on 10 things you probably didn’t know about avocado…but should!

1. Wash before you eat. Avocados should be gently washed under lukewarm water before slicing. Lots of shoppers tend to put their fingers all over the food in the produce section! It’s smart to make sure all the germs are washed off!

2. It’s not too late! If you slice an unripened avocado before it’s ready to eat, simply place the avocado back together, then wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Store in a warm, dry area for a day or two, until the avocado has some time to properly ripen.

3. Time to Eat. Not all avocados turn dark green when they’re ripe and ready to eat. Gently press on the skin of the avocado. If it’s soft enough to squeeze slightly, it’s ready to eat!

4. Add an apple or banana to a brown paper bag with your unripened avocados to speed up their ripening!

5. Fruity Truth. Avocados are actually a fruit. They’re versatile flavor makes them a great match with meats, veggies, and even fruits like peaches, mangoes , and pomegranates.

6. Lemon Bright. Keep sliced avocado from browning with a little sprinkling of lemon juice.

7. Lime Juice works, too! A sprinkling of fresh lime juice on avocado slices or in a bowl of fresh guacamole will keep it bright green longer.

8. Oxygen Free Zone. Store unused avocado by sprinkling it with lemon or lime juice, then covering it firmly with plastic wrap and storing it in an airtight container.

9. Freeze avocadoes by peeling and slicing them, wrapping tightly with plastic wrap, and placing immediately in the freezer for up to a month. Used frozen avocado in sauces and smoothies.

10. The better spreader. Use pureed avocado, or fresh avocado slices on toast with a bit of salt for a healthier spread than butter.


When it comes to raising kids, there are always messes. Messes on the table. Messes on the floor. A mess of toys needing to be tidied. And at our house, there’s often a mess of craft supplies tossed haphazardly in a box, awaiting the gluesticks and imaginations of my little artists.
What?! This happens at your house, too?!

Well, Good Cook has the cutest.solution.eva for those odds & ends. And it’s a solution both you and your kids can get on board with! Quick, easy, and adorably fun!

Just grab a packet of the Kid Things Animal bowls. Each packet contains two plastic bowls with animal-decorated lids. Invite your kids to sort through the crafty odds and ends, then pop them into the bowls. They’re stackable, easy to open, and the sides are see-through. So, your tots will be able to figure out exactly which bowl of craft supplies they really need to open…and all the other ones can stay safely closed (and completely organized!)

Looking for other fabulous ways to use Good Cook around the house? Stay tuned for our monthly feature, which shows you just how you make your kitchen tools keep everything in your house organized, orderly, and creatively displayed!

Happy Kids Crafting!


Who says pancakes have to be flat, round, and full of blah? Here are Good Cook, we think pancake making should be more like a making magic! With our ultimate line-up of pancake products, you’ll be able to start everyday off like with a little bit of party on your breakfast plate. Looking for a few fun ways to give your morning meal a fun twist? Here three fabulously simple ways to turn your pancakes into little bites of love.

1. Good Cook Pancake Creator. Have you ever tried making smiley-face flapjacks by carefully drizzling the pancake batter over a hot griddle, only to be left with dribbly, awkward-looking pancakes that resemble an oversized amoeba? Yeah, we have too! No more are clever pancakes a figment of your imagination. The Good Cook Pancake Creator makes it easy to customize pancakes in all sorts of shapes as sizes…no muss, no fuss! Simply transfer your pancake batter into the bottom portion of the Pancake Creator, then use the easy-squeeze half to pipe your favorite ideas onto the griddle and into reality! From adorable piggy pancakes to tic-tac-toe pancakes you can play with on your plate, the only limit to this fun & easy-to-use product is your imagination!

2. Good Cook Pancake Molds. Hearts, and snails, and talk bubbles! Oh my! With Good Cook’s Silicone Pancake molds, you can turn pancake batter into whimsical shapes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just place your silicone mold onto a hot griddle (it’s heat safe up to 450 degrees!), pour the pancake batter inside, then use the handy-dandy handle to remove the mold once bubbles form inside your batter! Flip the pancake to cook on the other side, and you’re ready for breakfast! So simple! So snazzy!

3. Good Cook Nonstick Double Griddle. Cook for a crowd the easy way! Good Cook’s double griddle makes it easy to bake up enough pancakes for a whole group of people you love! Simply place it across to burners on your stove, heat, and prepare to eat! When it’s time to clean up, the nonstick surface simply wipes clean, and the flat griddle stores away easily until next time!

Now what are you waiting for?! Grab a bowl, whip up your favorite batter, and start partying pancake-style…with Good Cook! Create your own pancake party with the Good Cook Pancake Creator Kit. Save 10% off with all breakfast tools with promo code: PANCAKEPARTY

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