Who says pancakes have to be flat, round, and full of blah? Here are Good Cook, we think pancake making should be more like a making magic! With our ultimate line-up of pancake products, you’ll be able to start everyday off like with a little bit of party on your breakfast plate. Looking for a few fun ways to give your morning meal a fun twist? Here three fabulously simple ways to turn your pancakes into little bites of love.

1. Good Cook Pancake Creator. Have you ever tried making smiley-face flapjacks by carefully drizzling the pancake batter over a hot griddle, only to be left with dribbly, awkward-looking pancakes that resemble an oversized amoeba? Yeah, we have too! No more are clever pancakes a figment of your imagination. The Good Cook Pancake Creator makes it easy to customize pancakes in all sorts of shapes as sizes…no muss, no fuss! Simply transfer your pancake batter into the bottom portion of the Pancake Creator, then use the easy-squeeze half to pipe your favorite ideas onto the griddle and into reality! From adorable piggy pancakes to tic-tac-toe pancakes you can play with on your plate, the only limit to this fun & easy-to-use product is your imagination!

2. Good Cook Pancake Molds. Hearts, and snails, and talk bubbles! Oh my! With Good Cook’s Silicone Pancake molds, you can turn pancake batter into whimsical shapes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just place your silicone mold onto a hot griddle (it’s heat safe up to 450 degrees!), pour the pancake batter inside, then use the handy-dandy handle to remove the mold once bubbles form inside your batter! Flip the pancake to cook on the other side, and you’re ready for breakfast! So simple! So snazzy!

3. Good Cook Nonstick Double Griddle. Cook for a crowd the easy way! Good Cook’s double griddle makes it easy to bake up enough pancakes for a whole group of people you love! Simply place it across to burners on your stove, heat, and prepare to eat! When it’s time to clean up, the nonstick surface simply wipes clean, and the flat griddle stores away easily until next time!

Now what are you waiting for?! Grab a bowl, whip up your favorite batter, and start partying pancake-style…with Good Cook! Create your own pancake party with the Good Cook Pancake Creator Kit. Save 10% off with all breakfast tools with promo code: PANCAKEPARTY

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