Get Fresh! The latest Good Cook products to hit the shelves are these adorable produce keepers. Now you can store your leftover produce, keep it fresher than ever, and keep it looking CUTE in your fridge. Cute fridges are things people, we love you. Fresh off taking our Good Cook Produce Keepers for a spin, we asked our Good Cook Kitchen Experts to tell us how they use all their fruit and veggie leftovers. After all, we’re sure you’re not the only one that gets to the bottom of the berry container and wonders, “now what do I do with five blackberries?”

Have no fear! The Good Cook Kitchen Experts lend us their takes on what to do with all those produce remnants. Because, now that you’re storing your stuff in our supercute Produce Keepers, you’re going to have more produce to use, and a lot less waste.

Let’s get cooking!

1. With berry remnants I like to purée them and then freeze to use as ice cubes in punch or water. Tammy Litke, Three Different Directions

2. I put leftover pieces of lime, lemon and oranges into the garbage disposal, it makes it smell fresh and clean Tonya Staab, Create, Celebrate and Explore

3. I like to toss all of my veggie scraps into soups since I always have homemade chicken stock on hand. My chickens don’t mind getting whatever is left either. Chrystal Johnson, Happy Mothering

4. With 9 kids we hardly ever have leftovers, but when we do I’ll throw the veggies in a casserole or soup and whip up a mixed fruit salad. Erin Slocum, For Him and My Family

5. Whenever I have a leftover lemon, I use it to clean the stove (or bathroom)! Sprinkle baking soda on soiled areas, then squeeze lemon juice on top! Let sit for five minutes then wipe up! Dawn Munroe, The Frugal Mom.

6. I love tossing leftover fruits and veggies into smoothies or salads. It’s surprising how many little extras actually taste good in those two dishes! Brooke McLay,CheekyKitchen

How do YOU like to use your leftover produce? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment and let us know your favorite secrets for those remnants you’re storing in your fridge!

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