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Fluffy coffee (a.k.a. Dalgona coffee) is a delicious, sweet whipped coffee drink that you can make right at home. Instant coffee, sugar and hot water come together in a velvety whip that sits atop cool and creamy milk. You’ve seen Dalgona Coffee popping up in all your social feeds—now’s the time to try this trendy quarantine treat!  

Dalgona coffee gets its name from South Korean honeycomb toffee candy, and both have a fluffy, dreamy whipped consistency. The frothy foam that made the coffee Insta-famous is made from equal parts instant coffee, granulated sugar and hot water. You’ll need a GoodCook Mixing Bowl and a GoodCook Whisk to get started.

Follow the steps below to make this creamy, whipped coffee treat:

How to make Fluffy Coffee

  • Combine the instant coffee, granulated sugar and hot water in a GoodCook Mixing Bowl.
  • With a GoodCook Whisk, whisk vigorously until a frothy foam forms. Depending on your strength, this can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
  • For an iced Dalgona, fill a tall glass halfway with ice cubes. Pour in 1 cup of cold milk and spoon the whipped coffee on top.
  • For a warm Dalgona coffee, heat 1 cup milk in the microwave or on the stovetop, pour into a tempered glass mug, and spoon the whipped coffee on top.

Fluffy Coffee Questions

  • Do I have to use instant coffee? Yes, instant coffee is the best way to get a meringue-like consistency.
  • Can I reduce the sugar amount? Yes, but you will not get as stiff a consistency when using less sugar. Any type of granulated sugar works. Honey or maple syrup will not create a strong fluff.
  • What kitchen accessories do I need to make the whipped froth? It’s as easy as grabbing your GoodCook Whisk! You can also use an electric mixer or stand mixer too.
  • Can I refrigerate the coffee foam? Yes, but it will become watery after a few days in the fridge.

Brighten up your day with an extra special cup of fluffy coffee. From tasty drinks to easy lunches to weeknight dinners, the GoodCook line of cookware, bakeware and kitchen accessories has everything you need to get started. Are you ready to make this indulgent coffee drink?

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