With more and more families staying healthy and safe at home, it’s never been more important to enjoy easy, delicious, and budget-friendly meals every night of the week. Whether you’re interested in trying a week-long meal plan for just $60, or hoping to skip an extra trip to the store with two weeks’ worth of meals, we’ve got you covered. From collecting pantry must-haves to organizing a comprehensive shopping list and daily menu, we can help you plan for a future full of flavorful dinners the whole family will love. Let’s get cooking!

Pantry Staples

For beginner home chefs, make sure to stock-up on these commonly used items as you prepare your weekly menus. It may temporarily increase your upfront costs, but having these on hand will keep your long-term grocery budget low and let you make more delicious meals at home!

Spices and Sugars

  • Chili Powder
  • Cumin
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Italian Seasoning 
  • Paprika (try smoked paprika for extra flavor)
  • Parsley
  • Brown Sugar
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Table Sugar
  • Salt and Pepper

Oils, Fats, and Condiments

  • Unsalted Butter (keep extra in the freezer)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Soy Sauce
  • Mayonnaise





Print the Shopping List

Week One

Monday: One-Pot Sundried Tomato Spinach Pasta:

The perfect comfort food for busy Monday evenings where you want something fast, delicious, and made with all your favorite pantry staples. And since it’s all cooked in one pot, you won’t start the week with a sink full of dishes. GET THE RECIPE

Tuesday: One-Pot Beans, Chicken, and Rice

Another one-pot wonder you won’t want to miss—a classic burrito bowl with the rice cooked right in with the rest of the meal. Mix and match your favorite toppings to make your bowl your own, and you’ll feel like you’re eating out at your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant while still staying safe at home. GET THE RECIPE

Wednesday: One Pan Baked Chicken Legs and Potatoes

 If you haven’t already noticed, we’re big fans of helping both beginner and experienced home cooks make delicious, healthy meals without using every dish in the kitchen. We love this recipe for proving that only using one pan doesn’t mean skimping on flavor or quality. You might end up with leftovers, but we doubt it.  GET THE RECIPE

Thursday: Easy Rosemary Garlic White Bean Soup

Ever wonder if you could make dinner for just $2.50 without resorting to eating a bag of your favorite chips? It’s okay if the idea has never crossed your mind, because we wondered, and we have the answer. You can make this hearty, healthy, and flavorful soup for under $3, and that’s what we call a stay-at-home miracle. If you’re feeling extra spendy, serve alongside a loaf of sourdough bread. GET THE RECIPE

Friday: Quinoa Fried Rice

It’s the (healthy) take-out that you make at home, and it’s so good you’ll find yourself craving it regardless of whether your favorite restaurant offers delivery. Full of crunchy veggies and tons of protein, it’s makes a great option for lunch or dinner (or both!) GET THE RECIPE

Week Two

Monday: 15-Minute Chipotle Chickpea Taco Bowls

An easy way to keep grocery costs low? Introduce meatless Mondays into your menu planning. It’s great for your budget and your overall heart health. Worried that vegetarian dishes won’t be as satisfying? Then you haven’t tried these highly-addicting chickpea taco bowls. Once you do, we promise you’ll be hooked. GET THE RECIPE

Tuesday: Chicken Fried Ramen Skillet

Keep your home-cooking streak going strong with this fresh and delicious Ramen dish that will make you feel like the head chef at your very own Asian-fusion restaurant. And while this meal looks impressive and tastes amazing, it’s deceptively simple to make. That’s a dinner time win-win-win. GET THE RECIPE

Wednesday: Italian Pasta Bake

Time for some mid-week comfort food, and you can’t go wrong with anything involving cheese, pasta, and plenty of herbed tomatoes. It doesn’t hurt that this recipe is guaranteed kid-friendly, so no need to make second dinner for picky eaters.  GET THE RECIPE

Thursday: Easy 3-Ingredient Chili

The recipe you need when you to prioritize something other than cooking, but still want a great meal with plenty of flavor. With just 3 ingredients in this recipe, you’ll have plenty of time to make dinner and take a walk in the fresh air, catch up on important reading, or just decide on which TV show to stream next.  GET THE RECIPE

Friday: 5-Ingredient Cozy Pasta Parmesan Soup

Happy Friday! This is the perfect recipe to end the week since uses leftover ingredients from all your other meals from the past two weeks. How’s that for excellent meal planning? Of course, it’s also cheesy and filling, and a great way to celebrate great home cooking on a budget. GET THE RECIPE

Weekend Bonus: Beef Taco Burrito Bowls

Combine all your remaining or leftover ingredients from your Chipotle Chickpea bowls and One-Pot Beans, Chicken, and Rice for the perfect Saturday night dinner or late lunch on Sunday. GET THE RECIPE

We hope you’re enjoying time spent at home with family, preferably in a warm kitchen filled with good food and happy memories. It times of uncertainty it’s always reassuring to know that you have the resources to care for loved ones, even when working on a budget. Keeping cooking together, trying new recipes, and discovering the great cooks living right under your roof. 

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