Looking for a delicious, versatile recipe that you can use as a side-dish and summer grilling condiment? Don’t miss our recipe for Watermelon-Cucumber-Mango Salsa! This incredibly easy salsa takes just minutes to make, and tastes as good on tortilla chips as it does on grilled chicken! Grab the recipe here, then scroll below for some simple serving ideas that will have you enjoying this fresh recipe all summer long!


Made in our Good Cook ProFreshionals 7-Quart Fresh Fruit Bowl, which is exclusively available at Bed Bath and Beyond makes it easy to cut, store, and tote and ENTIRE watermelon in a single bowl. Wondering what to do with a 7-Quart Bowl of watermelon salsa? Here are four of our favorite ways to serve it this summer.


1. Serve it with chips.

Pita chips, rice chips, even Cinnamon-Sugar Chips! The sweet and savory mix of this delicious salsa makes it perfect for pairing with just about every kind of dipper!


2. Create a Crostini.

Schmear jalapeno or pineapple cream cheese on top of toasted slices of bread. Top with our Watermelon Salsa and you’ve got an appetizer everyone will love!


3. Make a Shrimp Cocktail!

Stir in cooked shrimp and serve chilled in a pretty, glass bowl.


Our Fresh Fruit Bowl has built-in drain holes to keep any weeping juices off of your melon. For our salsa, this handy-dandy feature serves a second purpose! It collects the beautiful salsa juices and makes it easy to pour the perfect amount of the marinade over each bowl of shrimp cocktail. Just use the spout on the bowl to drizzle a little salsa juice over the shrimp cocktail and you’ve got a yummy appetizer in minutes!

The Fresh Fruit Bowl makes it easy to pour just the right amount of juice on your shrimp cocktail!


4. Spoon it over grilled meats.

Chicken, pork chops, even BBQ pulled beef! This salsa makes everything taste better! Just another reason you’ll be glad you’ve got a full bowl for sharing, spooning, sprinkling, and slathering on this summer’s best picnic dishes!

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