Easy Easter Roast! Oven-Baked Roast with Sweet Chili Glaze

 Make this Sunday extra special with a beautiful, simple roast. Turn your ordinary roast into an elegant meal with a rich, zesty raspberry chili glaze. This easy recipe bakes up quickly in the oven, and you’ll have a tender and tasty roast in less than two hours. For a perfect weekend meal, cook up this moist, tasty roast and create a memorable dinner that the whole family will love.

If you’ve never made roast in the oven (so many people make it in a crockpot nowadays!), you’ll be delighted to discover that oven-baked roast can be just an tender and juicy and slow cooked roast. In fact, I like it better, because you get to baste the roast throughout the cooking process, leaving a beautiful, caramelized glaze on top of the finished piece. Most crockpot recipes come out looking exactly the same–a brown, gooey mess of meat and veggies, everything the same bland color of tan. But not with this recipe! You’ll get a beautiful piece of meat with a rubied chili glaze. It’s perfect to serve with caramelized roasted carrots, roasted potatoes, or any other Easter-themed side your family loves. Enjoy!


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