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Walk the aisles of the grocery store, and you’ll have hundreds of snack companies wanting to steal your money. From potato chips to popcorn, pretzels to pizza, you could spend more money each month on savory snacks than you do on mealtime groceries!

Instead of handing your hard-earned pennies over to the clerk, why not save a few bucks and make your own savory snacks at home? This month, we’re using our bakeware to turn our quick-and-easy Basic Pizza Dough recipe into all sorts of delicious snack pizzas.

Mini Pizza Snacks

Personal-sized pizzas are a great way to serve up a quick afterschool snack, Game Day treat, or Cocktail appetizer. They can be made medium, small, or mini, depending on what you need them for, and can be topped in a variety of delicious ways—in flavors ranging from Italian to Mexican, Asian to American.

Grab our starter recipe HERE, then scroll down for three delicious ideas to kickstart your savory snack tastebuds!

Gourmet Asparagus Chicken
Top pizza dough with parmesan, asparagus spears, tomatoes, and chicken. A quick drizzle of olive oil, and a smattering of salt and pepper makes this a totally gourmet treat!

White Out
Try rolling pizza dough into football shapes, then topping with mozzarella, parm, sundried tomatoes, and basil for a basic white pizza that’s out of this world!

Taco Pizza
Pizza dough is perfect when paired with salsa, topped with cheddar and taco meat, then sprinkled with cilantro hot out of the oven. This idea is a great way to serve taco night leftovers!

Other Fun Simple Savory Topping Ideas

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza: BBQ Sauce + Jack Cheese + Chicken + Cilantro
  • Pepperoni Mushroom: Marinara + Mozzarella + Pepperoni + Mushroom
  • Caesar Salad Pizza: Parmesan + Chicken, Once Baked Top with Caesar Salad
  • Breakfast Pizza: Ham + Cheddar + Egg Cracked on Top Before Baking
  • Thai Pizza: Peanut Sauce + Chicken + Jack Cheese, Topped with Bean Sprouts and Cilantro

How Do You Top Your Pizza?

We’d love to roundup your ideas! What simple, savory toppings do you love putting on your pizza? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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