Candy Corn Cupcake Cake

We’ve found the cleverest of ways to celebrate the Halloween season with a delightfully delicious candy corn cupcake cake. An ode to sweet and simple, you won’t find scary monsters or blood-spurting vampires here. Made for the candy corn obsessed, this brilliant display starts with 20 perfectly baked cupcakes, is arranged just so pyramid-style, then decorated with our 3 favorite Halloween-colored frostings. We’re smitten with the results – perfect for an October party and ready to add some magic to the dessert table!

It’s your turn to make this version of a Halloween favorite! Arrange vanilla-kissed cupcakes on a GoodCook 13×16″ Nonstick Baking Sheet, use a Good Cook Spatula Spreader to frost, and you’ve got a festive and sweet candy corn cake!

Fun Flavor Twists

Enjoy this recipe as written below. Or try these easy upgrades:

  • Candy Corn Studs. Double up the sweet and add a sprinkling of candy corns to the top of the cake!
  • Be Jolly. Use the same cupcake tree structure, adding green frosting instead of orange and dot with round candies for yule-time fun!
  • Go Sprinkle Crazy. Sprinkle each colored frosting area with a matching sprinkle color – white on white, orange on orange, and yellow on yellow – to add festive dimension!

Candy Corn Cupcake Cake

Get the Tools

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Candy Corn Cupcake Cake


Candy Corn Cupcake Cake

Candy Corn Cupcake Cake

A deliciously sweet cake for the candy corn obsessed. Vanilla cupcakes are cleverly arranged and frosted into a Halloween candy favorite. Perfect for your October party table!

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 1 Cupcake Cake


  • 1 batch Perfect Birthday Cupcakes, prepared (see notes section of this recipe for link)
  • 2 batches Our Favorite Vanilla Buttercream (see notes section of this recipe for link)
  • 1 teaspoon orange food coloring gel
  • 1 teaspoon yellow food coloring gel


Cook and cool cupcakes. Prepare buttercream.

Separate frosting into two large bowls. With a GoodCook Smart Scoop, remove 3 scoops of frosting (leave this frosting white). Tint remaining frosting in this bowl yellow. Tint the other half of buttercream orange.

Arrange 20 cupcakes in a pyramid on a GoodCook 13×16″ Nonstick Baking Sheet.

Place a scoop of white icing on the top 3 cupcakes. Frost the bottom layer with scoops of yellow icing. Place orange icing on all remaining cupcakes. With the Good Cook Spatula Spreader, connect icing between cupcakes. Serve immediately or once frosting sets, cover with plastic wrap until  ready to enjoy.


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