When it comes to raising kids, there are always messes. Messes on the table. Messes on the floor. A mess of toys needing to be tidied. And at our house, there’s often a mess of craft supplies tossed haphazardly in a box, awaiting the gluesticks and imaginations of my little artists.
What?! This happens at your house, too?!

Well, Good Cook has the cutest.solution.eva for those odds & ends. And it’s a solution both you and your kids can get on board with! Quick, easy, and adorably fun!

Just grab a packet of the Kid Things Animal bowls. Each packet contains two plastic bowls with animal-decorated lids. Invite your kids to sort through the crafty odds and ends, then pop them into the bowls. They’re stackable, easy to open, and the sides are see-through. So, your tots will be able to figure out exactly which bowl of craft supplies they really need to open…and all the other ones can stay safely closed (and completely organized!)

Looking for other fabulous ways to use Good Cook around the house? Stay tuned for our monthly feature, which shows you just how you make your kitchen tools keep everything in your house organized, orderly, and creatively displayed!

Happy Kids Crafting!

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