7 Quick & Healthy Ways to Cook Chicken

Let’s face it – chicken can be bland and boring, as my kids would wholeheartedly agree. While I love that chicken is a lean source of protein, my ho-hum chicken recipes were need of a serious taste overhaul. That’s when I discovered 7 quick and healthy new ways to cook chicken for dinner, full of delicious bold flavors that my whole family loved, and easy enough to cook up on a busy weeknight. These tasty new chicken recipes have totally transformed my menu, and I know your family will love them too!

With so many ways to cook up chicken for dinner, GoodCook has everything you need to get your chicken perfectly crispy or tender and succulent. From Cast Iron Skillets to Sauté Pans to Nonstick Sheetpans, stock your kitchen with GoodCook cookware and you’ll be ready for whatever chicken recipes come your way!

Fajita Skillet Chicken

Fix dinner in a hurry with this sizzling hot Tex Mex Fajita Skillet Chicken recipe full of colorful peppers, melty cheese, and bold flavors. Perfect for busy weeknights, it all cooks up in a GoodCook Cast Iron Skillet, giving your family a quick and tasty south-of-the-border meal!

Quick Chicken Parmesan

Bring a classic to your dinner table tonight. A can of tomato sauce is quickly transformed into the best Chicken Parmesan you’ve ever tasted. And it all bakes up on a GoodCook AirPerfect Nonstick Baking Sheet, making prep and clean-up super easy.

5-Ingredient Basil Chicken and Pasta

You’ve got pasta with red sauce on repeat, and you need another pasta recipe to liven up your menu. Enter 5 Ingredient Basil Chicken and Pasta. It comes together quickly for a simple and delicious weeknight dinner. Cook it all up in a deep-sided GoodCook 11” Sauté Pan and serve with a simple green salad or steamed broccoli.

Mango Chicken With Coconut Rice

Brighten up your dinner plate with an easy tropical recipe. This Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice is sweet and tangy, and comes together in less than 30 minutes! Heat up the mango sauce in a GoodCook Sauté Pan and top your grilled chicken for an easy, breezy dinner!

20 Minute Thai Basil Chicken

Serve up the Thai flavors you love with this 20-Minute Thai Basil Chicken recipe. It’s full of bold and delicious savory flavors, and is quick and easy to prepare. Load up your GoodCook Sauté Pan full of chopped veggies, diced chicken, and fresh herbs for a delightful Asian-inspired meal.

15 Minute Monterey smothered Skillet Chicken

Deliciously simple, this cheesy Monterey Smothered Skillet Chicken is loaded, smothered and served up in about 15 minutes. Bacon, barbecue sauce, cheese – it’s the perfect combo of flavors you already love, served in a delicious new way. A GoodCook Cast Iron Skillet evenly cooks your chicken for a perfectly done meal every time!

Skinny Skillet Orange Chicken

A budget-friendly favorite for the new year! This simple Skinny Skillet Orange Chicken takes all the flavors you love from your favorite Chinese restaurant and turns them into a simple stir-fry. Heat up the chicken and sauce in a GoodCook Sauté Pan, then serve over ramen or rice.






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