Break Out of That Boring Food Rut!  7 All New Recipes for Grilled Chicken

Wondering what to do with that package of chicken in the fridge? If you’re sick of hearing “chicken again?”, then fire up your grill this weekend and take advantage of the final weeks of summer with a few amazing new recipes. Grilling lends a wonderful smoky flavor to chicken, and the summer weather has us gravitating towards outdoor grilling. We’ve found 7 incredible and easy ideas for grilled chicken that will give your family a fresh new outlook on chicken for dinner.

Break Out of That Boring Food Rut!  7 All New Recipes for Grilled Chicken

1. Grilled Chili Lime Chicken

Make this incredible grilled chili lime chicken for your next barbecue and your guests will fall in love. This easy marinade of chili, cilantro, garlic, and lime infuses the chicken with irresistible flavor and a hint of spiciness. Find the recipe at RASA MALAYSIA.


2. Garlicky Lemon Cuban Chicken Wings

We all love Buffalo wings, but a change of flavor is a good thing. Try these delicious garlicky lemon Cuban chicken wings, and we guarantee you’ll love them. Learn how to make these tasty chicken wings at THREE BEANS ON A STRING.


3. 3-Ingredient Chicken

Sometimes it’s the truly simple recipes that shine. This salty, sweet three-ingredient chicken is both delicious and super easy to make. Head to PINCH OF YUM for this simple chicken recipe. 


4. Moroccan Chicken

With 10 minutes of prep time, you can transform plain old chicken into an international dish with Moroccan flavors. Grill skewered chicken with lemon slices for a light and tasty summer meal. Get this exotic recipe from CLOSET COOKING.


5. Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken

Make your chicken sweet and spicy with an incredible honey mustard marinade. With just a few ingredients you can have an amazing grilled chicken dinner. Learn how to make this tasty chicken at TONYA STAAB.


6. Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken

Go bold and spicy with this grilled cheesy Buffalo chicken. It’s an easy recipe that will add some kick to your meal! Find this wonderful, cheesy recipe at PEANUT BUTTER AND PEPPERS.


7. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Delight your guests with a Hawaiian themed barbecue. Go all out with flower leis, fancy drinks, and tropical food. Serve this Hawaiian grilled chicken over coconut rice to get the party started. Head to THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING for this paradise-inspired recipe.

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