7 Tasty Twists on Enchiladas We Can't Wait to Try

We love enchiladas! So we’re always keeping our eyes open for tasty twists. This year, we’ve made a few of our own. Turning them into Enchilada Taquitos, making them for breakfast, and baking them into Enchilada Baked Peppers.

Still. Not enough! Because if we ruled the cosmos, everyday should be enchilada day. So we’ve hunted down a few more favorites on the interwebs, finding totally awesome, must-try twists on this traditional dish. 

From the spicy sauce to the gooey cheese, traditional enchiladas will always have a place at the dinner table. But why not change things up and get creative with your menu? Give your enchiladas a makeover with new ingredients and totally non-traditional ways to serve this Mexican-inspired meal. From enchilada pizza to zucchini enchiladas, we’ve found 7 enchilada twists that veer from the usual but taste every bit as good!

1. Sneaky Veggie Enchiladas

Sitting down to enchiladas doesn’t have to be over-the-top decadence. So here’s how to get all of the flavor, with a little less of the guilt. Sneak in some serious veggies. So good, no one will even notice! Get the recipe for Sneaky Veggie Enchiladas here.

7 Tasty Twists on Enchiladas We Can't Wait to Try

2. Enchilada Zucchini Boats

You can easily swap out your usual enchiladas for these low-carb chicken enchilada zucchini boats. They’re still loaded with a spicy sauce, shredded chicken, and yummy melted cheese, but they’re perfect if you want to cut calories from refined grains or are gluten-free. Find this diet-friendly recipe at COOKING CLASSY.


3. Thai Chicken Enchiladas

You’ll swoon over these Thai chicken enchiladas. Just when you think your usual tray of enchiladas can’t get any better, this Thai version may replace your traditional recipe! Learn how to make these Thai-inspired enchiladas at HOW SWEET EATS.

7 Enchilada Twists We Can't Wait to Try

4. Pasta Enchilada

This comforting casserole uses pasta in place of tortillas, and tastes every bit as good. Make this enchilada pasta casserole to feed a hungry crowd, or savor the leftovers for lunch! Head to TABLE FOR TWO for this yummy recipe.


5. Roasted Shrimp Enchiladas

Smothered in a rich, jalapeño cream sauce, it’s hard to resist these cheesy roasted shrimp enchiladas. Succulent roasted shrimp and veggies are wrapped in tortillas and topped with the creamy goodness, they’re almost too good to be true! Get this amazing recipe from DAMN DELICIOUS.

7 Tasty Twists on Enchiladas We Can't Wait to Try

6. Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Mexico meets Buffalo in these family-friendly spiced up chicken enchiladas. They’re easy enough for a weeknight meal, and create a drool-worthy aroma in your kitchen. Learn how to make these quick and easy enchiladas at SHE WEARS MANY HATS.

7 Enchilada Twists We Can't Wait to Try

7. Enchilada Pizza

Combine two of your favorite foods into one dish- chicken enchilada pizza! This hearty, fresh, and saucy pizza is bursting with original flavors! Head to GIMME SOME OVEN for more on this brilliant pizza.

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