7 Delicious Dinners That Cost $8 Or Less To Make
Is it just me or have you noticed your grocery bill skyrocket lately? Chalk it up to inflation or a spike in gas prices, but my wallet isn’t happy. I’ve started seeking out budget-friendly dinners to feed my hungry family of 4 – I hadn’t realized how difficult this would be! On my quest, I found that recipes with the least number of ingredients worked best. With notebook in hand, I ventured out to my local grocery chain and priced out all the meals below. I’ve found 7 delicious dinners that cost less than $8 to make, and they’re all a welcome step above rice and beans.  Fill your menu with the 7 hearty recipes below to keep your budget in check and satisfy your whole family!

1. 5-Ingredient Chicken Taco Alfredo

Creamy Alfredo mixed with your favorite taco flavors for a dinner everyone will love. One pot, 5-ingredients – this one is definitely going on the menu! Feed a family of 4 for $7.90 with this creamy and delicious Chicken Taco Alfredo Pasta dinner! Prep and cook this entire meal in a Good Cook 11” Cast Iron Skillet.

2. 5-Ingredient Ramen Spaghetti

If you think spaghetti and meatballs is too labor intensive for a weeknight dinner, think again! This made-over, easy 5-Ingredient One Pot Spaghetti Ramen takes just a few minutes to prepare, and totals $6.49 to feed a family of 4! Bake it up in a Good Cook 9” Ceramic Pie Plate and enjoy this easy college-style Italian meal!

3. Crispy Orange Beef

The whole family will love this delicious Crispy Orange Beef, table-ready in 20 minutes. You’ll love that Chinese takeout for a family of 4 is just $7.76! Now that’s affordable! Cook it up in a Good Cook 11” Cast Iron Skillet for an amazing Asian-inspired meal!

4. 5-Ingredient Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Soup

Make dinner in a cinch (and in one pot!) with this super delicious and super simple Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Soup! It’s what’s for dinner, and you can feed 4 for just $6.82! Don’t forget to serve in single-sized Good Cook 18 oz Ceramic Soup Dishes!

5. Oven Baked Pizza Soup

Is it a pizza? Is it soup? This cheesy and warming Oven Baked Pizza Soup is packed with smoky, sizzling pepperoni, melty mozzarella, and a topped with a toasty baguette. It’s truly budget friendly, feeding a family of 4 for $4.69! Serve your soup in serve in single-sized Good Cook 18 oz Ceramic Soup Dishes!

6. Cheesy Chicken Taco Ramen Bake

Easy on the budget and easy to make, this Cheesy Taco Ramen Bake can be made in under 30 minutes! Get ready to feed 4 hungry tummies for just $7.28! Bake it all up in a Good Cook 3 qt Square Ceramic Dish.

7. One Pot Sundried Tomato Pasta

This super simple version of one pot pasta features fresh spinach and sun dried tomatoes for a pop of flavor and color. Make it for $7.12 to feed your hungry family of 4. The Good Cook 11″ Deep Saute Pan with Lid is perfect for this One-Pot Sundried Tomato Pasta, as it’s just the right size for all the ingredients.

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