7 Boozy Desserts Made with Guinness

Guinness, the famous stout beer from Ireland, is not just for pubs. This deep-flavored stout beer is a magical ingredient in desserts. Guinness enhances the flavors in chocolate to give it a richer, more concentrated flavor. This St. Patrick’s Day, give your desserts a dose of Irish luck with Guinness beer. Don’t worry- the alcohol cooks off naturally, and you’re left with moist, flavorful desserts that the whole family can enjoy. We’ve found 7 incredible desserts made with Guinness, and you’ll be surprised at how well Guinness boosts the flavor of your favorite chocolate desserts.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

1. Stout Cupcakes

Stout beer works so well with chocolate due to the rich chocolate and coffee notes in the brew itself. Paired with cloud-like Irish cream frosting, these Guinness cupcakes make a dreamy St. Paddy’s Day Dessert. Find the recipe at KITCHME.

7 St. Patty's Day Desserts Made with Guinness

2. Guinness Triple Chocolate Cookies

A reduced Guinness syrup gives these decadent triple chocolate cookies an extra element of rich flavor. You’ll have tender, chewy cookies that pack a major chocolate punch. Learn how to make a reduced Guinness syrup for these cookies at TRACEY’S CULINARY ADVENTURES.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

3.Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake

If you want a dark, rich, dense chocolate cake, this recipe is for you. Turn any day into a special occasion with this dark chocolate Guinness cake with Baileys buttercream. Find this go-to chocolate cake recipe at GLOBAL ADVENTURE.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

4. Guinness Pretzel Truffles

The deep malty flavor of Guinness paired with chocolate and crunchy, salty pretzels makes these Guinness pretzel truffles perfect to serve at a St. Paddy’s Day party. Yummy ale-infused sweets are just the right size for popping in your mouth!   Head to SPRINKLE BAKES for the deets on these one-bite treats.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

5. Chocolate Stout Cake

Beer gives this chocolate stout cake a rich, full, nutty flavor while keeping it from tasting overly sweet. If you crave a rich, decadent chocolate dessert that’s not too sweet, bake up this delicious bundt cake. Learn how to make this yummy dessert on SMITTEN KITCHEN.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

6. Boozy Brownies

Spread some Irish cheer with these boozy brownies. Add a dollop of mint whipped cream to color your Saint Patrick’s Day green! Head to SHE KNOWS for this tasty recipe.

7 Desserts Made with Guinness

7. Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake

This light, fluffy, fudge-like Guinness chocolate cheesecake takes classic cheesecake to a whole new level. Chocolate and stout give this dessert a sinful edge that you just have to taste. Find this incredible cheesecake recipe at CLOSET COOKING.

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