7 Adorably Easy Ways to Enjoy Fruit on a Stick

There’s still a bit of summer left to celebrate, and we’re seeking out shady spots to plop down, unfurl a picnic blanket, and enjoy the sweet fruits of the season. We’ve discovered a fun way to serve fruit that’ll have even the pickiest of eaters munching away. What’s the secret? Fruit on a stick. Simple, cute, and portable, it’s a healthy snack your kids will love. Check out the 7 adorably easy ways to enjoy fruit on a stick below and give them each a turn in your picnic basket.

We know you want the best, and Good Cook Kabob Skewers are absolutely perfect for threading your fruit and keeping it in place. Give it a go, your food deserves it!

1. Campfire Strawberries

Thread your strawberries through Good Cook Kabob Skewers, dip in marshmallow fluff, then toast over a campfire. Voila, Campfire Strawberries so good, we want even s’more of them than s’mores!

2. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Serve these Rainbow Fruit Kabobs with a simple dip of vanilla yogurt, topped with rainbow sprinkles for good measure. Kids love anything if it involves sprinkles! These fruit skewers are also perfect for parties and picnics. Thread fruit on Good Cook Kabob Skewers and dip away!

3. Frozen Watermelon Kabob Pops

Cool down the sweet way with these Frozen Watermelon Kabob Pops. A super easy way to enjoy watermelon on a hot day! Get perfect fruit spheres with the Good Cook Touch Double Melon Baller.

4. Banana Split Kabobs

If there’s any way to sneak in a little chocolate, we’re in! These inviting Banana Split Kabobs are stacked with strawberries, pineapple, banana slices, and rich, indulgent brownie chunks. Yum! Thread them on some Good Cook Kabob Skewers and serve with a side of whipped cream and chopped peanuts.

5. Heart Fruit Kabobs

Eat melon to your heart’s delight! Dip these Heart Fruit Kabobs in honey and vanilla yogurt sauce for a healthy afternoon snack. We used the Sweet Creations Heart Cookie Cutter to shape fruit into the cutest little hearts!

6. Magic Wand Kebobs

These Magic Wand Kabobs will have you playing with your food! This fun and edible foodie craft will have kids casting spells and eating healthy! Fresh blueberries are pushed onto Good Cook Kabob Skewers and topped with a piece of star-shaped watermelon.

7. Fruit Caterpillar Kabob

Let these seriously cute Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs take over your next party. They’ll disappear in minutes! Super easy to make, place a kabob at each place setting and let the snacking begin! Thread your fruit through Good Cook Kabob Skewers for amazing results


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