Pot O' Gold Themed Treats and Desserts for St. Patricks Day. So cute!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with sweet, festive treats. Even if you don’t make a full Irish meal, spread some Irish cheer with a lucky snack or dessert. What could be more Irish than a pot o’ gold themed treat? Edible gold sprinkles will make any feel lucky!  We’ve found 7 of the most adorable pot o’ gold treats around, and they’re perfect for adding a fun, festive spirit to your St. Patrick’s Day.


1. End-of-the-Rainbow Cupcakes

These happy little end of the rainbow cupcakes are fun to make and a treat to eat. Iced chocolate cookies make rainbow and shamrock toppers, and the gold is crystallized colored sugar. What a perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat!  Learn how to make these adorable cupcakes at BAKINGDOM.


2. Rainbow Jello Cups

Cool Whip and Jello are layered for a cool, creamy treat. A lucky chocolate coin tops each of these bright, colorful rainbow Jello cups.  Find this yummy recipe at GLORIOUS TREATS.


3. Gooey Marshmallow Pots o’ Gold

Gooey marshmallow and Lucky Charms are the base for these rainbow pots of gold. Topped with frosting, gold sprinkles, and licorice twists, this is one festive treat!  Head to TABLESPOON for the recipe.

Yummy Pot of Gold Donut Holes

4. Pot o’ Gold Sugar Cookies

These pot of gold sugar cookie truffles are tasty, decadent treats. They’ll add sparkle to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Learn how to make these sparkly treats at YOUR SOUTHERN PEACH.

Pot of Gold Lucky Charms Snacks

5. Pot o’ Gold Chex Mix

Chex mix gets a makeover for St. Paddy’s Day. Lucky Charms and green-coated chocolate are added to this classic mix to give it an Irish spin.  Find this addictive recipe at TABLESPOON.


6. Pot O’ Gold Pops

Cake pops make a handy treat, and these pot of gold pops are bursting with minty, chocolaty flavor. They’re perfect for passing out at school and also make festive party favors.  Head to LIL LUNA for the deets on these cute pops.


7. Easy Oreo Pot o’ Golds

These easy-to-make pot of gold Oreos make a cute treat if you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. Spread the luck and have these treats on the table when the kids get home from school.  Find instructions at HAPPY HOUR PROJECTS.

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