5 No Bake Healthy Cupcakes

Go ahead, have a cupcake or two! If you think indulging in these sweet little treats is going to set you back, you’re wrong! Okay, we admit that most cupcakes can be sugar bombs, and often overloaded with fat. But not these babies! We’ve found 5 healthy cupcake recipes that you can totally eat on a diet. There are a few secrets that make each of these recipes healthy, and you may need to bake them all to find out!




1. Gluten-Free Blackberry Lemon Cupcakes

Even if you’re not gluten-free or follow a paleo diet, you’ll find these blackberry lemon cupcakes totally irresistible. It’s also hard to sneak healthy antioxidants into a cupcake, but this recipes manages to do it with utter, delicious success! Head to A HEALHY LIFE FOR ME for this yummy recipe.

5 Healthy Cupcakes You Can Totally Eat on A Diet

2. Elvis PB Banana Cupcakes

Despite how darn good these Elvis peanut butter banana cupcakes are, they contain no butter, refined flour, or refined sugar. These skinny, clean-eating cupcakes are perfect for anytime you have a hankering for something sweet, but don’t want to ruin a day of healthy eating. Get instructions at AMY’S HEALTHY EATING.


3.Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

Decadent dark chocolate cupcakes are topped with light, fluffy raspberry frosting. You’ll never guess the frosting stars protein-packed Greek yogurt! Get the recipe for this indulgent treat at AMY’S HEALTHY BAKING.


4. Low Carb Vanilla Cupcakes

Satisfy your cupcake craving with these low carb vanilla cupcakes. Pureed white beans give them a hidden source of protein, and add moisture as well! Just one cupcake will fill you up, so you won’t be grabbing extras all night! Find this yummy recipe at BUBBLY NATURE CREATIONS.


5. Pumpkin Orange Cupcakes

These pumpkin orange cupcakes are loaded with healthy goodness. Hints of orange and cinnamon burst through these moist and delicious cupcakes. They taste so good, you’ll be surprised by how healthy they are. Get instructions at FOODISTA.

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