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Happy New Year! It’s January, which means we get to look forward to two clean slates! One at the turning of the Western Calendar, and one at the dawning of the Chinese New Year, both of which I think are perfectly worthy occasions to celebrate!

If you’re looking for some fun, new traditions to lend to your kitchen table–ideas that are easy, but full of spunk–why not try one (or all five!) of these ideas:

1) Wok It Up. Toss together our Good Cook Mixed Veggie Stirfry, which uses the Good Cook Everyday Stir Fry Pan. This recipe is so simple to pull together, and tastes even better than that Chinese Take-Out you usually order in!
2) Chop, Chop! Set your kitchen table with chopsticks for dinner, leave the forks in the dining room drawer, and encourage your family to try their hands at eating a whole meal with their Asian-inspired utensils!
3) Give Good Fortune. Make your own fortune cookies by microwaving store-bought fortune cookies for 10-15 seconds, then filling the cookies with handwritten fortunes that are personalized to the people who’ll be opening them!
4) Take on a new tradition. Take a note from an ancient, Chinese tradition by sliding red envelopes full of a few one-dollar bills underneath your dinner plates, then giving your family blessings for their New Year.
5) Let in the good, let out the bad. In some Chinese families, they open the front door and the back door at the same time, to usher in the New Year and blow out all the bad from the year before. Try including this fun, classic tradition in your own home.
No matter how you celebrate it, from the Good Cook family to you, Happy New Year! Happy Chinese New Year! Hope it’s a good one!

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