5 Totally Fun Kitchen Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Enough with the paper and glue crafts, your kids are ready for more! Get them in the kitchen for some edible craft fun! From delectable brownie cactus flowerpots to sprinkle-loaded apple nachos, your kids will want to dive right in to these 5 fun kitchen crafts. An added bonus? Sampling is encouraged! What better way to nurture hands-on learning in the kitchen while enjoying a delicious edible craft! Watch these 5 videos with your kids and get ready for an all-out craft fest in your kitchen!

1. Brownie Bite Cactus Flowerpots

Get out of the winter doldrums with a sunny kitchen craft. Your kids will love to help decorate these adorable Brownie Bite Cactus Flowerpots. Using store-bought brownie bites (no baking required!) and a bit of buttercream, you can turn tiny 2″ flowerpots into adorable baby cactus cakes. And with the Sweet Creations Oodletip, icing has never been so easy!

2. Sunflower Sugar Cookies

Celebrate summer with Quick and simple Sunflower Sugar Cookies. The Sweet Creations Oodletip makes piping a cinch, and kids can easily master the art of cookie decorating. Make up a batch of our best ever buttercream and your kids will take over from there!

3. Watermelon Baby Goat

If baby goats melt your heart, you’ll fall in love with this adorable Baby Goat Watermelon. Bring it along to a potluck or use it as a birthday table centerpiece. Use your Good Cook Watermelon knife to expertly carve, and the kids can use toothpicks to assemble this masterpiece.

4. Rose Garden Dirt Cake

Plant a bright, colorful garden right in your kitchen – perfect for spring birthdays or Mother’s day brunch! We all know kids love digging in dirt, but they’ll really love eating these yummy Rose Garden Dirt Cakes. You’ll need to carve out some time beforehand to pipe the roses and leaves, but the Sweet Creations Oodletip makes the job quick and easy!

5. Apple Nachos

An easy way to get the kids involved, these Apple Nachos are perfect for little hands to decorate. Use the Good Cook Classic Apple Wedger to slice your apples, and stock your kitchen with a bevy of fun sprinkles. From mini rainbow chips to psychedelic stars, your kids can sprinkle their slices with creative flair!

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