Grilling and barbequing is a favorite summertime tradition for good reason: it’s fast, easy, and (most importantly) delicious. Want to spend less time on food prep and more time enjoying those warm summer evenings with good friends and great food? We’ve made grilling easier than ever with these 5 simple grilling hacks: everything you’ll need to keep your cool when the grill is hot.

1. Arrange Condiments in a Muffin Tin

Make sure everyone has their favorite condiments ready by turning your Good Cook Muffin Pan into a convenient condiment carry-all. Fill each section with everything you need for the perfect burger or hot-dog, from ketchup and mustard to sliced tomatoes and relish. Non-stick pans are easy to clean after each use, and you’ll never have wonder where that lone bottle of ketchup ended up at your next outdoor dinner.

2. Rub Half an Onion on GoodCook Cast Iron or Outdoor BBQ for Nonstick Grill

Cooking with your grill or Good Cook Cast Iron Skillet? Keep your grills clean and ready for action without spending hours scouring off last night’s residue. Good news: our best hack for protecting your cast iron isn’t a isn’t a fancy tool or expensive cleaner— just use a fork to rub half of a sliced onion across a still-warm pan after each use. The onion removes all the baked-on grit, so you’re ready to cook anytime the need to grill that juicy steak or marinated chicken strikes again.

3. Slice a Mini Melon into Perfect Bite-Sized Slices

Let the grilled food take center stage with easy and quick sides that perfectly compliment your barbequed main dish. Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon, and a melon slicer can take a mini-melon or cantaloupe from whole to table-ready in a matter of seconds, giving you more time to flip burgers, throw more hotdogs on the grill, or just sit back and enjoy another laid-back summer dinner courtesy of some go-to grilling hacks.

4. Remember Who’s Bun It Is by Writing Names on with Ketchup

Play master chef with this clever hack for keeping track of everyone’s burger order: use ketchup to write the names and cooking preferences for each guest on their bun, from “Dave” who likes burgers “well” done to “Andy” and who likes hers “rare.” Restaurant-style condiment bottles are a go-to summer dinner solution, and make writing out names and orders a breeze.

5. Quickly Clean Grill with Tongs and Aluminum Foil

Need a heavy-duty cleaner for your well-loved barbecue? Not a problem. All you need is some aluminum foil and  your Good Cook Classic 12-inch locking tongs to make the perfect grate cleaner capable of tackling the toughest charred grime. Crumple the foil into a medium-sized ball, grab with the tongs, and use the foil to scrub cooking grates while they’re still hot from your latest barbecue extravaganza.







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