From gooey chocolate chip cookies to ultra-sticky buns, natural parchment paper effortlessly keeps baked goods from sticking to the pan. Beyond lining cookie sheets, we’ve found some seriously clever ways to elevate your baking using natural parchment paper. With our parchment baking hacks, you’ll save time and hassle and get a delicious dessert on the table fast!

Give your family the best in baking with Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper. It’s eco-friendly, chlorine-free and durable enough to stand up to high heat. Your cakes, cookies, quick breads, and buns will release cleanly and all in one piece—every single time. 

Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper is a high-quality, non-stick baking paper that’s safe for oven use up to 450°F. With a non-stick, heat resistant, grease-proof layer that withstands water, it’s no wonder bakers love Sweet Creations Parchment Paper for baking and everyday kitchen use.  

Discover 3 clever ways we love to use Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper.

1. Muffin Cups

Whether you’re out of paper liners for your muffin tin or you just want a change from the usual muffin liner, natural parchment paper is a brilliant stand-in. 

  • Lightly grease the inside of your muffin tins. Cut Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper into 5 inch squares. Center each parchment square above a baking cup and press it in. To make the task easier, use a small glass to push the parchment into each cup. Using a cookie scoop, divide batter evenly among each cup. 

2. Baking Handles For Brownies, Bars, Cakes and Quick Breads

Don’t despair if your favorite brownies always stick to the pan. We’ve got an easy solution to get freshly baked brownies and bars out of the pan cleanly. A parchment paper sling not only covers the bottom of the pan, it goes up and over the sides too. The overhanging edges serve as handles to easily lift baked goods out of the pan. This method works amazingly well for square and rectangular pans.

  • Start with a GoodCook 8×8” square baking pan and a roll of Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper. Cut 2 pieces of natural parchment paper, each piece measuring 10” longer than the width of the pan. Line the pan with the cut parchment paper, making sure to overhang the parchment on the sides. Crease the paper where it meets the edges.
  • After baking your bars, quick bread, cake or brownies, hold the edges of the parchment and gently lift them up and out of the pan. Slice the baked goods right on the parchment paper after cooling to make clean up easier.

3. Wrap a Cookie Log

Slice and bake cookies are an irresistible treat. Double or triple your cookie dough recipe and store ready-to-bake cookie logs in the fridge or freezer. When cravings arise, simply cut slices from the log and bake. What a delicious idea!

  • We use Sweet Creations Natural Parchment Paper to wrap our cookie dough logs. You’ll need a piece of parchment paper that’s about 12” long. Depending on how much dough you have, you may want to divide the dough into pieces and use more than one parchment rectangle for wrapping.
  • Place each piece of cookie dough in the center of a sheet of parchment paper and form into a log, about 8″ long and 1½-2″ in diameter.
  • Fold one side of the parchment over the dough log. Press a straight edge (a ruler works well) firmly against the length of the dough and over the top piece of parchment paper. Pull just the bottom sheet of parchment toward you to snug the dough. 
  • Roll the remaining parchment around the dough log, twisting both ends of the parchment tightly to seal. Repeat with any extra dough and refrigerate after. When you want freshly baked cookies, simply unwrap, cut slices and bake.

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