These quick and easy 3-ingredient Mint Oreo Ice Cream Parfaits will have your guests “oooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over your beautiful desserts.  Nobody needs to know how little effort you put into them!  They are perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day get together, or just to enjoy with family!

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to indulge in your mint obsession isn’t it?  And it also gives us the perfect excuse to make colorful desserts.  Not that it is blaspheme on any other day of the year, but for whatever reason, doing so on a holiday just makes it that much more fun.  And I’ll take any reason I can get to use up my creative juices in the kitchen.  Take these Mint Oreo Ice Cream Parfaits as the perfect example.  Two of a woman’s favorite treats: ice cream and Oreos.  Mix them together, throw in a little color, and you get a dessert that will appeal to the hearts of anyone.

The best part of this dessert is the simplicity.  I absolutely love that it looks complicated, but it is truly the exact opposite.  This no-fuss dessert will make everyone at the table appreciate how simple they are.  Only 3 ingredients and no need to turn on the oven, you are ready to make these delectable delights!  Just take your favorite Mint-Chocolate Chip ice cream, mint Oreo’s and whipped cream and layer them into your finest serving glasses – whether that is martini glasses, wine glasses or mason jars!  Quick and easy desserts that look difficult are the best in my book.  Minimal effort and maximum enjoyment!  Such a perfect way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day in dessert style.

If you carry these around on St Patrick’s Day, you’re sure not to get pinched! But you might get kissed by an Irish.  Or American.  Or anyone else.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How will you be celebrating this green holiday?

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3-Ingredient Mint Oreo Ice Cream Parfaits

Serves 4     adjust servings
Good Cook


  • 8 scoops mint chip ice cream
  • 8-12 mint chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed
  • 2 cups whipped topping


In a parfait glass, one scoop ice cream, 1/4 cup whipped topping, and 2 tablespoons crushed cookies. Repeat until glass is filled. Enjoy immediately. 

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