New year’s resolutions abound, and if you’re like us, eating better and saving money are at the top of your list. Eating healthy is hard as it is, but it can feel exponentially harder when you try to do so on a budget. With GoodCook’s simple food storage and planning solutions for easy weekly food prep, eating well and saving money are a cinch. A little planning, some weekend prep, and GoodCook’s portioned containers will have you on your way to a clean eating routine and a slimmed-down budget starting this week. We’ve created four low-calorie dishes that are perfect for meal prep and all together cost less than $15. With cooked lean chicken breast as our starting point, we added in flavorful seasonings from some of our favorite worldly cuisines for four incredible meal prep lunch recipes.

With a new line of meal prep containers, GoodCook makes meal planning easy. Featuring both single and multiple compartments, GoodCook meal prep containers are perfectly suited to every dish you make. Each container comes color-coded to easily identify which container you need for the day. All of the containers come in packs of 10, just right for the working couple that needs lunches for the work week, or a 2-meal plan for one person. It’s a total breeze to make all four of these recipes at once, or pick your favorite and make it four times. Enough for the entire week, you’ll have no question what’s for lunch. Four dishes, perfect for meal prep, all for less than fifteen dollars. How’s that for simple?

Curry Chicken Salad


Pack a tasty and fresh protein-packed Chicken Curry Salad and a healthy side in a GoodCook Meal Prep 2 Compartment Container for a nutritious lunch. Diced grilled chicken is tossed in a creamy curry sauce with a hint of zesty lime and honey for sweetness. It’s a healthy and delicious way to enjoy chicken salad. This goes in one side of the two-compartment container, while the other side is loaded with celery sticks and grapes. Treat your taste buds and your body to this incredibly nutritious meal.  

Greek Chicken Salad

This Greek chicken salad is so simple and delicious. Transform plain chicken with a drizzle of flavorful Greek dressing and place in the large compartment of the divided plate container. Nestle pre-cooked quinoa and Kalamata olives in one of the small side compartments. Spinach, cucumber, tomato and purple onions get placed in the other small compartment for a healthy Mediterranean feast. Trust me, this one looks as good as it tastes. The GoodCook Meal Prep 3 Compartment Round Container makes it so easy to follow recommended portions.

Taco Bowl

Perfect for Taco Tuesday, this hearty Taco Bowl is loaded with nutritious ingredients. In a GoodCook Meal Prep Single Compartment Container, nestle in rows of diced chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes, avocado, corn, and purple onion. This is one of those meals that transfers perfectly to a GoodCook Meal Prep Single Compartment Container. When you’re ready to eat, just mix together and enjoy. We love this south-of-the-border meal!

Caprese Chicken

Fresh Italian flavors make this caprese-inspired grilled chicken a favorite for lunch or dinner. Lean chicken breast is sliced and drizzled with tangy balsamic and olive oil, fitting perfectly in the largest compartment of the GoodCook 3 Compartment Meal Prep Container. The second compartment is layered with spinach and basil, topped off with fresh mozzarella balls and grape tomatoes, and drizzled with balsamic and olive oil. Pre-cooked quinoa fills the last compartment for a satisfying side. A light and flavorful lunch you’ll make again and again!

With these four simple and tasty recipes in your meal prep arsenal, you’re ready to get healthy the budget-friendly way. Make them all, or pick your favorites, and enjoy! To prep for multiple people or for extras, simply double or triple your favorites and pack them in the new line of GoodCook Meal Prep Containers. Each container pack includes a complete meal prep starter guide, with 3 healthy recipes developed especially to fit the container. With these recipes, as well as the insanely simple GoodCook Meal Prep Containers, you’ll be able to go forward in the new year and stick to those newly made resolutions. Happy cooking!


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