Who said you can’t play with food? Get creative with fruit and carve this adorable bear from an orange. It’s a work of art and a healthy snack all in one! You don’t need to head to the craft store for supplies—with this orange bear project, you already have everything you need in your kitchen.

To get started, you’ll need an orange, a GoodCook Chef’s Knife, a GoodCook Paring Knife and a GoodCook Vegetable Peeler. You’ll also need 2 raisins for eyes and a toothpick for the umbrella handle.

Follow the steps below to make the cutest orange bear ever!

How to make an orange bear

  1. Your orange will have a little protruding brownish/dark green dot on the top and an indent on the bottom. With a GoodCook Chef’s Knife, cut off the top of the orange, which is approximately ¼ of the orange, and set the top aside.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the orange, which is approximately ¼ of the orange, and set the bottom aside.
  3. You are now left with the middle of the orange with 2 flat sides. With a GoodCook Paring knife, cut a ¼ inch slice almost all the way through the orange lengthwise, stopping before you cut all the way through.
  4. From the end of the orange that was not sliced, carefully cut the flesh of the orange away from the inside of the peel. Make sure to stop your cutting where the sliced part starts. The sliced part of the orange will be the base of the bear’s body.
  5. Pop the flesh out of the peel, break the orange flesh into segments, and cut the segments into ½ inch pieces. Set the orange flesh segments aside.
  6. On the top of the orange peel (the part that was not sliced), cut a v-shape starting at the top center of each side and continuing down the front in a v-shape, stopping before the sliced part of the orange peel. Use a GoodCook Chef’s Knife for this step.
  7. On the opposite side of the top of the peel, away from the v-shape, place the knife right on the inside edge of the orange peel and cut down about ¼ inch. The cut should leave 2 indent marks that will hold the bears head.   
  8. Take the reserved bottom of the orange from step 2. Slice off 2 patches of orange peel, leaving the white pith intact. You should now have 2 white circles on the orange peel, each circle being about 1 inch wide. Set the cut orange peel circles aside, as you will be using them for ears.
  9. Take the reserved top of the orange (the part with the little protruding brownish/dark green dot) and use the pointy top of a GoodCook Vegetable Peeler to score whiskers into the peel, leaving the white pith intact. You should have 3 whiskers on each side of the nose (the protruding dot).
  10. Right above the whiskers and nose, make 2 small circle indents with the pointy tip of the GoodCook Vegetable Peeler. Place a raisin in each indent for the eyes.
  11. About ¼ inch above each eye, make a small cut in the orange peel. Take the orange peel circles that you cut in step 8 and place the edge of each circle into one of the indents above each eye. This holds the ears in place. Now you have the bear’s face!
  12. Place the face of the bear in the cut indent of the orange from step 7. This indent is the 2 cuts you made on the back of the hollowed-out orange peel of the bear’s body. The bear’s face is now attached to the body of the bear.
  13. The reserved bottom of the orange will now become the bear’s umbrella. Pierce the inside pith with a toothpick and stick the other end of the toothpick into the orange peel that represents the bear’s body.
  14. Place all of the cut orange flesh segments into the bear’s body. Now you have an adorable tropical bear snack!

This cute, vibrant orange bear comes together easily with the GoodCook line of kitchen accessories. Gather a GoodCook Chef’s Knife, a GoodCook Paring Knife and a GoodCook Vegetable Peeler to construct this edible masterpiece! 

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