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Want to make gorgeous Holiday Cookies, but afraid it will take too much time? We’ve rounded up two incredible ideas—one for cookie & decorating amazing cookies, the other for wrapping them quickly (and beautifully!) here’s how:

Decorating Hacks
Instead of decorating, follow our simple 4-step approach to icing your cookies—by dipping them in white chocolate! This is the perfect way to prep cookies for icing with kids and grandkids. Your cookies ahead of time, dip ‘em in white chocolate, then have all the easy-queezy icing tubes ready for decorating. Here’s how!

deorating12341. Bake The Cookies
We’ve made it easier than ever to make Christmas cookie cutouts. With our superquick 3-Ingredient Brown Sugar Shortbread. Get the recipe here.

2. Dip Top of Cookies in Melted White Chocolate
Melting white chocolate in a large, shallow microwave-safe dish makes it easy to get a smooth finish on top of each cookie. Just like professional cookies, only so much easier!

3. Allow Chocolate to Cool
Don’t decorate them just yet! The cookies should set in a cool, dry place until the chocolate has hardened.

4. Decorate with your premade icing tubes.
With a delicious white-chocolate topping, you can now take the ultimate shortcut—decorating the cookies with premade squeeze tubes! Kids can have all the fun of make pretty cookies, without all of the messy knives needed with traditional frosting techniques.

Wrapping Hacks
Wrapping your cookies doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need a degree to give gorgeous cookie gifts this year. Our Good Cook and Sweet Creations cookie bags & boxes makes wrapping a snap. Here are three simple ways to package pretty Christmas cookies, in 5 minutes or less!


1. Cookie Boxes
Good Cook’s line of gorgeous cookie boxes are already decorated! All you have to do is tuck the edges together and you’ve got a chef-quality carrying case that stores your cookies in a beautiful way!

2. Bags
Decorative plastic bags are a simple, cost-effective way to wrap holiday cookies. Once your cookies have dried, just slide them into the bag and tie! It’s that simple!

3. Paper Loaf Wrappers
Not just for quickbreads, pretty paper mini loaf wrappers are a perfect way to prop a few cookies together in a decorative way. Just wrap with cellophane and tie with a bow for the ultimate holiday package—put together in 2 minutes or less!

What are your favorite Holiday Cookie Hacks? Chime in below! We’d love to hear!

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