No-Rise Almond Breakfast Danish

If you like Coffee Cake, Biscotti, or a bite of almond danish with your morning cup o’ Joe, then you will absolutely love this recipe for a no-yeast, no-rise Almond Danish. Supremely simple and made with the most basic of ingredients (flour, butter, sugar, and eggs), this recipe can be prepped in just 10 minutes. We love serving it as a breakfast, but it also makes a delicious brunch offering. You can make it the night before and have it ready to go. The danish isn’t overly sweet and the eggs in the recipe make it quite filling. So you can serve a little slice or two anytime of day, whether first thing in the morning or as a little midnight snack.

This recipe comes from my boyfriend’s mama. It’s been passed down as a Christmas Morning breakfast from their Scandinavian family and was the first cooking request I recieved from the Boyfriend. His sweetest memories of Christmas were waking up and stealing big slices of this danish. And once I made it for my kids, I understood why. It’s absolutely scrumptious! Better yet, it’s so incredibly simple to make! Which makes it a mother’s best friend. Quick, easy, and delicous. We need more recipes like this in our life!

The Easiest Danish You've Ever Made


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