GoodCook® Meal Prep Containers

Color coded to easily identify which container you need for the day, each of our Meal Prep containers is perfectly suited to the meal or dish you want to make. All of our containers come in packs of 10, just right for the working couple that needs lunches for the work week, or a 2-meal plan for one person. Every pack comes with a starter guide that features 3 healthy recipes made for each container, and useful tips on how to make meal prepping work for you.

Meet Our Meal Prep

Great for one-pan meals  Our most popular container is the most versatile--deep enough to accommodate most any dish you want, but is especially useful for one-pan meals and stir-frys. (more…)
Plan and prepare a complete meal to go  Our generous 3 section container is great for a hungry-person meal, with enough compartments to give you a full course—even room for dessert if you want it. (more…)
Makes it easy to follow recommended portions. Based on the USDA’s My Plate Guide, our 3-compartment plate helps you pack a healthy bento lunch. (more…)
Small portions to get you through the day  With a low profile, our snack containers are sized to fit into any backpack; ready to bring dry foods or fresh fruit to satisfy those in-between meal cravings. (more…)
Separate your main dish and a side  For light lunches or leftovers from the night before, this compact container is perfect for a portion-controlled main dish and a side of healthy vegetables. (more…)


Batch cook your way to a better you.

Give your hummus some Latin flair with this spicy, fiber-rich Black Bean Hummus Meal Prep. Salsa and taco seasoning are blended up with black beans and paired with grain-free plantain chips. This flavorful Black Bean Hummus Meal prep is perfect ...
A stack of Mini Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes makes the perfect healthy breakfast or tasty mid-morning snack. These protein-rich pancakes come together quickly and easily in a blender and feature almond butter, eggs, bananas and chocolate chips. We’ve paired this ...
Fresh and tasty Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps are quick, easy to make and are full of delicious Thai flavor. Lean ground turkey is tossed in an irresistibly tasty Asian peanut sauce, wrapped in a leaf of butter lettuce and topped ...
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Batch cook your way to a better you.

New year’s resolutions abound, and if you’re like us, eating better and saving money are at the top of your list. Eating healthy is hard as it is, but it can feel exponentially harder when you try to do so ...