GoodCook is excited to announce our partnership with Meal Prep On Fleek, your go-to guide for making healthy and delicious meals for life on the move. Together, we’ve created a line of food containers specially designed for both meal prep and food storage, so you’ll never find yourself staring down a soggy sandwich or eyeing chips from the office vending machine again. 

Whether you’re new to the meal prepping lifestyle, or a long-time enthusiast looking for new ways to spice up your favorite meals, the right food containers are essential to keeping your food tasting fresh all week long. Which is why our line includes color-coded sets of both single and multi-cavity containers, all easily organized by size and type. Most importantly, our meal-prep line comes in a set of 10—one lunch a day for two people, or breakfast and lunch for an individual.

Consider the possibilities: you and your spouse will finally be prepared for five days’ worth of lunches without a desperate search for matching containers and lids. Or you can split a set with your best friend as you work together towards a healthy-eating lifestyle. You can even share a set with your notoriously picky-eater kiddo—they’ll love not worrying about two foods touching on accident, and you can fill each section with a variety of kid-friendly snacks. However you meal prep, we’ve made the process simple, colorful, and fun.

Still not sure how a meal-prep plan is better than take-out or that sandwich you keep “forgetting” in the office refrigerator? Sarah Kesseli, MPOF’s co-founder and certified eating psychologist knows that effective meal planning can transform the way you eat, and in this case, seeing is believing. According to Kesseli and business partner Nick Quintero, the GoodCook Meal Prep set is “designed to contain the ideal portions of recommended food groups. When consumers place the food in the sections, it fills up and prevents them from adding more than needed. Seeing a full container helps a person feel satiated.”

Most importantly, nutritious eating doesn’t equal boring food. If you’re looking for new recipes to add to your meal-prep repertoire, the experts at Meal Prep on Fleek are ready for you. Each GoodCook Meal Prep set includes a MPOF starter guide, complete with tips on getting started and original recipes curated to work perfectly with your new containers. 

GoodCook believes there’s a good cook in every kitchen, and Meal Prep on Fleek knows that cook wants healthy, simple, and affordable recipes that look and taste amazing. And now it’s easier than ever to eat well wherever you are. So grab an apron, turn up your favorite tunes, and let’s get prepping.

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