Kiwi Margarita Freezer Pops

Good Cook

Making your own popsicles has never been easier…or cuter! These quick and simple kiwi-margarita pops bring together the fun look of bright green kiwi with the delicious flavors of margarita mix. Topped with a salt-kissed lime, these popsicles can be prepped in 5 minutes or less, and ready to lick in about 3 hours.



In a blender, puree margarita mixer and kiwi’s together. Pour puree into prepared yogurt containers. With a Good Cook vegetable knife, slice a thin strip in the center of four lime slices, then press a wooden ice-cream spoon halfway through the center of each lime slice. Gently set a lime slice on top of the puree in each yogurt container, so half the wooden spoon is sticking inside the puree, and the other half is sticking out of the yogurt container. Sprinkle the top of the lime with coarse salt. Transfer carefully to a freezer, freeze until firm, about 3-5 hours. Remove from yogurt containers to serve.