Need a fun and simple art project that will keep your kids busy for a while? With this fun melted crayon craft, you can make old crayons look new again in under 10 minutes! This easy melted crayon craft is a great way to repurpose broken crayons.

This is one craft the kids will love! They can help peel the paper off each crayon and sort crayons based on their favorite colors.

All you need are some old crayons, a GoodCook 12 Cup Muffin Pan and parchment muffin liners and you’re ready to get started! 

How to make melted crayons

  • You’ll need about 20-30 crayons for this project.
  • Preheat the oven to 275°F.
  • Peel the paper off of each crayon. Tip: Soak crayons in warm water for a few minutes and the paper will come off easily.
  • Break the crayons so they fit in the muffin cups.
  • Line a GoodCook 12 Cup Muffin Pan with parchment muffin liners.
  • Add broken crayon bits to each cup. Combine 3 or 4 different colors that look good together in each cup, or let the kids pick!
  • Put the GoodCook 12 Cup Muffin Pan in the oven and wait for the crayons to melt, about 7-8 minutes. Keep an eye on it—they melt quickly.
  • Once melted and out of the oven, let the crayons cool. Tip: Put them in the freezer for 20 minutes to cool faster.
  • Pop the crayons out of their wrappers and get coloring!


  • Want mini crayons for small hands? Use a GoodCook Mini Muffin Pan. Spray each cup with non-stick baking spray. Make sure the crayons are broken into small bits, arrange them in each mini cup, and bake. You’ll want to check these often, since baking time is decreased in mini cups.
  • For fun crayon shapes, use metal cookie cutters. Line a GoodCook Baking Sheet with parchment paper, arrange the cookie cutters on the tray, and fill with crayon bits. Keep an eye on them while baking, as they melt quickly.   

Try this fun and simple melted crayon craft at home today. With a GoodCook 12 Cup Muffin Pan and parchment muffin liners, you can give your old crayons new life! Gather your supplies and get started!

Happy Melted Crayon making! If you try this recipe at home, we’d love to see a photo of it! Snap a picture and upload to Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us #goodcookcom 


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