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Ice Cube Trays, Set of 2

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Cool off in a warm summer day or chill your favorite drinks with this set of 2 stackable ice cube trays. The 16-cube capacity is made of flexible plastic to release hard-frozen ice cubes with minimal effort. Each tray features 16 ice cube compartments ergonomically designed to balance the water level for quick and efficient no-spill ice cube tray re-filling. Built to resist staining cracking, warping, or breaking with regular daily use.

Product Characteristics:
Length: 15.3 in.
Width: 4.75 in.
Height: 2 in.
Weight: 0.3 lbs.
UPC: 076753166812

Customer reviews and ratings

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5 Stars
trays that let your ice out
Written by: tammie kliebert
saint petersburg,
Oct 8, 2013

these are the cheapest priced trays that i have ever found that really work but not only work but work great!!! almost no effort at all to pop out the ice, just a little twist and all the ice comes loose. what a shock to find trays that work at such a low price. PLEASE never stop making these.

What did you like most: Durable , Easy to Use , Great

Has owned product since: 2013-09-28
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