Wondering what to get the healthy foodie on your gift-list this year? Put down the bag of baby carrots and move over to the home-goods aisle of your favorite supermarket. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring, especially with the rights tools!

We’ve got everything your foodie friend needs to create delicious meals all year round, so make the season merry with some creative gifting ideas even Santa will want to try! 

1. Casabella Guac Lock

Holiday rule number one: Keep the guac safe at all costs! This snack-saving tool prevents guacamole from browning longer than your standard dip bowl, so your avocado-loving friends can keep the party going all season long. 

2. GoodCook Hand Spiralizer

You don’t have to be a health-food connoisseur to appreciate the deliciousness that is a plate of zoodle (zucchini noodle) spaghetti. But your healthy foodie-friend will definitely appreciate this spiralizer that makes noodles in three different sizes, perfect for all your spiralizing needs. 

3. 5-second Chopper

It’s a Christmas miracle, there’s finally a tool that makes chopping veggies a snap! Five pulls and the quick-action blades do the rest—no electrical cords, batteries, or chargers needed. From stir-fry to salads to hearty stews, this is a gift every veggie-lover needs!

It’s almost the big day, so wrap-up (pun intended) your Christmas shopping in just one trip with some of our favorite kitchen tools (that don’t involve gifting your healthy foodie loved ones a bag of produce,) Supermarket Santa wins again! 

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