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Vinyl Handle Peeler

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This classic swivel peeler is the perfect tool for peeling and preparing fruits, vegetables, and roots such as pears, apples, carrots, zucchini, and potatoes. The durable extra-sharp stainless steel blade uses a swivel-action to follow the natural grooves of odd-shaped vegetables for fast and efficient peeling. Features a thick vinyl-coated wire handle that offers a comfortable and secure non-slip grip with added shock absorbing traction to relive tension from wrist and finger joints. This dependable peeler is rust and tarnish resistant, dishwasher safe, and reliable for long-term daily use.

  • Classic swivel blade design
  • Soft vinyl handle is easy to grip
  • Lightweight and compact

Product Characteristics:
Length: 2.7 in.
Width: 0.7 in.
Height: 0.05 in.
Weight: -1 lbs.
UPC: 8.7

Customer reviews and ratings

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1 Stars
Written by: eva ferguson
Jan 11, 2013

I have purchased 4 of these peelers in the last month as it is the only choice in my grocery store. they all broke at the swivel on the handle due to rust. At $3.49 each it isn't worth the postage to awns it in for the replacement warranty.

What did you like the least: Quality

Has owned product since: 2013-01-11
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