If you’re looking for a way to eat healthier and shop smarter in the new year, learning how to stock you freezer and pantry with some of the building block ingredients needed for most recipes is a good place to start. Keeping this in mind, Good Cook is launching a new recipe series this year to help you learn how to make 1 basic recipe that can be stocked, stored, and saved for use in 5 meals or more!

This month’s focus: Beef Stock. Though you can buy a box of premade beef stock in the grocery store, making it on your own in an inexpensive, healthful way to add needed nutrients and tons of flavor to stews, soups, sauces, and gravies.

We’ve created a basic recipe for you (found here) which can be used in our delicious recipe for hearty Vegetable Beef soup. Grab a pot and start cooking.

Need a little more convincing? Here are a few of the benefits to making your own Beef Stockā€¦

1) Budget-friendly. Making an entire pot of stock (more than a dozen servings!) costs as little as $5, and goes a long way!

2) Freezer-friendly. Homemade beef stock can be packaged in plastic, freezer-safe containers for convenience and quick-readiness in all your favorite recipes!

3) Diet-friendly. Homemade beef stock is full of flavor, as well as nutrients from the gelatin and marrow from the beef bones used to make the stock. You’ll get fuller faster, and add a ton of flavor with homemade stock than you will with that thin, storebought broth!

4) Flavor friendly. When making your own beef stock, you can add your favorite wines, oils, herbs, and veggies, varying the flavor to your taste preference!

5) Preservative-free. Storebought stocks can contain preservatives, additives, and MSG. When you make it at home, you know what’s going into your stock, so you can rest assured that you’re cooking up a healthy batch of something you want in your body!

6) It’s Versatile. Homemade beef stock makes a great starter for soups, a delicious base for gravies, and add incredible flavor to pastas and stews, too!

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