You love your mama. After all, she fed you, clothed you, and gave you some of your snazzy style. Which is why she deserves something extra-special for Mother’s Day this year.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. There’s the classic corsage you can pin on her Sunday dress, the card that tells her how much you care. Then, there’s breakfast in bed, where you wake her, offer her a tray of treats, and start her day off right. Sounds a little too traditional for you? Well, of course it does! Because, after all, you’re not just any kid. You’re the kid yo’ mama loves. Which is why we thinks breakfast in bed is a great idea‚Ķbut it’s gotta be special. Extra special. As special as you. And your mama. So, we’ve gone ahead and turned the usual plate of pancakes into it’s own sweet way to say “I Love You.”

Our recipe for these beautiful Strawberry Banana Pancakes is so easy to whip up. Simply put all the ingredients into a blender, then pour the batter into our Silicone Pancake Molds. You’ll have a plate full of heart-shaped pancakes in no time at all!

But that’s not enough. Because you love yo’ mama a LOT. We get it.
So, we’re gonna show you how to top those pancakes with adorable, heart-shaped strawberries. They’re easy to make and look stunning on a steaming plate of heart-shaped flapjacks.

To make these heart-shaped strawberries,
wash your strawberries, and grab a Good Cook non-stick paring knife.

Pick up one strawberry (you’ll want to make sure it’s got a nice, pointy tip at the bottom), then slice the green leaves from the top of the strawberry by making a rounded “V” cut just under the “root” of the greens.

Slice the strawberry in half, and you’ll have two little heart-shaped strawberries that look just like this!

Finish off your berry patch, top your pancakes, and tell your mama you love her!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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