Early mornings spent finding all the shoes, collecting all the (maybe) finished homework, and hoping against all odds that everyone leaves the house with their backpack. 

Sound familiar?

Getting everyone to school in one piece is challenging enough—making sure they leave with a healthy lunch shouldn’t be. That’s why we believe Back to School means Back to Meal Prep, including a great collection of all our favorite meal prep recipes that make packing lunches a breeze. 

Of course, no meal-prep round-up would be complete without a recipe from our incredible GoodCook Ambassador: Alice of Hip Foodie Mom. We can’t get enough of her Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry recipe, which combines plenty of fresh veggies with a flavorful Asian-style sauce and perfectly tender chicken. 

Need another reason to love this recipe? It’s easily customizable, so you can swap in different proteins and veggies to keep things fresh while staying healthy and organized. Whether you serve this classic stir fry with traditional white rice, a heart-healthy cauliflower rice, or even wrapped up in a tortilla, this recipe guarantees both you and your family will look forward to eating lunch all week long!

Want more meal-prep goodness? Try some of our other favorite recipes for meals on the go!

Apple BBQ Meatloaf

Sweet and Savory, our grain-free meatloaf recipe packs in the protein and the flavor to keep you or your kiddos going strong all afternoon. Get the recipe

Chipotle Honey Grilled Chicken with Roasted Veggies

The chipotle peppers bring just a little smoky heat to this recipe, but the irresistible honey-glaze balances everything out, and could tempt even the biggest kid into licking their fingers. Get the recipe

Chimichurri Steak

Served with sweet potato wedges and a veggie quinoa salad, your coworkers will think you ordered out, and your kids will be fending off offers to trade lunches. Get the recipe

Chicken Apple Sausage and Veggies

Short on time? No problem, a delicious lunch is still possible with this quick and delicious recipe combining tasty sausage and seasonal veggies. Get the recipe

DIY Fruit & Protein Snack Boxes

Step aside, Lunchables, there’s a new power snack in town. These budget-friendly snack boxes are perfect for an after-school pick-me-up or for getting through that mid-afternoon slump. Get the recipe

Pesto Chicken

No more lunch prep rut! This tasty take on classic Italian cuisine, is the perfect recipe for mixing up your lunchtime routine. Added bonus: it’s as low-carb as it is delicious. Get the recipe

Chicken Bacon and Ranch

Everyone’s favorite flavors come together in this easy and wholesome lunch recipe: succulent chicken, crispy bacon, and creamy ranch all made in one pan for easy prep and even easier clean up! Get the recipe

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

A healthy take on a kid-favorite cookie, our super simple peanut butter cookies are made with just four vegan and Keto compliant ingredients for the perfect guilt-free treat. Get the recipe

We can’t guarantee everyone will get out the door each morning wearing matching shoes, but with a little meal prep, you can be sure they’ll make it through the day happy and well-fed.

Who needs matching shoes, anyway? 

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