7 Things You Can Make with a Can of Tomato Sauce

 One of the most common pantry items in most homes is the classic can of Tomato Sauce. Affordable and versatile, it makes a great base for spaghetti sauce, chili, and or homemade soup. But, sometimes you get stuck with the traditional uses, feeling uninspired with a can that can literally be used in hundreds of different ways! 

We’ve pulled together seven all-time favorite recipes that can be made with a can of tomato sauce. Scroll through, find a few new favorites, pull out that can of tomato sauce, and enjoy! We think you’ll absolutely love these 7 dishes!


1. Slow Cooker Taco Soup

This hearty slow cooker taco soup is full of south-of-the-border flavor.  Toss in the ingredients in the morning and sit down to a warm soup that’s full of healthy veggies.  Find this wonderful soup recipe at KITCHME.


2. Italian Poached Eggs

This meal is a twist on a classic Italian egg dish with flavorful tomato sauce.  If you’re running low on grocery staples, this is one meal you can still whip together before your next shopping trip.  Learn how to make poached eggs with tomato sauce at PILLSBURY.    


3. Homemade Tomato Cream Spaghetti

Skip the added sugar found in most commercial pasta sauces and try this homemade spaghetti with tomato cream sauce. It’s super easy to make and full of delicious Italian flavor.  Find this incredible recipe at DAMN DELICIOUS.


4. Chorizo Chicken Jambalaya

Flavorful sausage, savory aromatic vegetables, and rice all cook together in one pot to make a super satisfying, one pot dish. This chorizo chicken jambalaya is a tasty, budget-friendly weeknight dish that will get your out of your cooking rut.  Learn how to make this jambalaya at BUDGET BYTES.


5. Eggplant Parmesan Boats

A fun twist on eggplant parmesan, these eggplant “boats” are hollowed out and stuffed with sweet Italian chicken sausage and tomato sauce, then topped with melted mozzarella. This fabulous recipe from SKINNYTASTE is a must try!


6. Turkey Meatloaf

Everyone needs a go-to meatloaf recipe, and mom’s turkey meatloaf is a keeper. Your whole family will love this healthy version of classic meatloaf.  Find this delicious meatloaf recipe at FOODNETWORK.


7. Tomato Tortellini Soup

This warm, creamy, and hearty tomato tortellini soup is a step up from your typical tomato soup. This easy soup is a favorite with kids.  Learn how to make this soup at SCRUMPTIOUS RECIPE.

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