7 Recipes Every Great Baker Should Know

Stock your pantry and get your rolling pin ready! We’ve gathered up some of the best baking recipes around for you to try! Whether you bake every week or just on special occasions, these amazing recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth. From rich and gooey brownies to an elegant bundt cake, we’ve found 7 recipes every great baker should know. Try them all, share with friends, and we guarantee you’ll be asked to bring dessert to the next potluck!


1. Orange Pecan Sticky Buns

Gooey and utterly delicious, these orange pecan mini sticky buns are a must bake. A pinch of orange zest and a dollop of honey make these little treats out of this world good! This sticky bun dough is easy to work with, it’s just a matter of rolling it up with all the goodies inside! Find this incredibly tasty recipe at GOODCOOK.

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2. The Perfect Brownie Recipe

Look no further for the perfect brownie recipe. It’s hard to get brownies just right, but this recipe nails it.  If you like thick, chewy, bakery style brownies, you’re gonna love these chocolaty treats! Find this blissful recipe at BAKER BY NATURE.
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7 Recipes Every Great Baker Should Know3

. Homemade Lattice Fruit Pie

Come to a potluck or picnic bearing a fruit pie and you’ll win everyone over! You may be intimidated by making your own crust, but it’s really easy, especially if you have a food processor.  This blueberry peach lattice top pie is oozing with juicy flavor, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes it divine! Learn how to make this totally irresistible pie at SALLY’S BAKING ADDICTION.

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4. Basic Lemon Bundt Cake

If you worry about cake sticking to the bundt pan, purchasing a non-stick bundt pan will do the trick for easing your cakes out without sticking. Serve this lemon bundt cake for tea time or whenever you need a sweet treat. It’s simple, elegant, and bursting with fresh citrus flavor. Find this lovely recipe at A PRETTY LIFE.

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5. No-Fail Chocolate Souffle

If just the thought of baking a souffle makes you nervous, it’s time to calm down and try this recipe.  Don’t worry, this recipe includes step by step instructions, and you’ll love the end result.  Pillows of rich, gooey chocolate will coat your spoon and make you fall in love. Get this amazing chocolate souffle recipe at JUST ONE COOKBOOK.

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6.The Best Carrot Cake Ever

It’s almost an art to keep a cake from caving in the center, but this recipe includes a tutorial to walk you through each step. This perfectly spiced, moist carrot cake is loaded with grated carrots and coated in a glorious cream cheese frosting. This recipe is a keeper! Learn how to make this delicious cake at GIMME SOME OVEN.

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7. Creamy NY Cheesecake

Thick, creamy cheesecake with a hint of almond flavor makes the perfect indulgent dessert. This recipe includes tips for a smooth, creamy cheesecake (hint: water baths are necessary). Cheesecake may seem intimidating, but this recipe is foolproof! Find out how to make this insanely good dessert at LIFE LOVE AND SUGAR.

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What Would You Add to This List?

What other recipes are must-knows for great bakers? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear your take on this topic.

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