7 Snacks Kids Love More Than Cookies

Keep the lid on the cookie jar! Give your kids a sweet treat with hidden health benefits instead. It’s tempting to treat snack time like dessert, but kids really do need proper nutrients to fuel up and keep going all day long. We’ve rounded up 7 totally yummy and healthy snacks that your kids will actually like more than cookies – seriously! Dress up plain fruit, sneak in extra protein, or toss in some chocolate to transform healthy snacks into irresistible treats!  

7 Healthy Recipes That Kids Actually Like More Than Cookies

A twist on the classic Australian fairy toast, these Apple Fairy Bites are ready for serious snacking! Choose your spread of choice, festive sprinkles, and apple wedges to create a fun and delicious afterschool snack. Use the Good Cook Touch Apple Wedger to make the job super easy!

Use the Sweet Creations Popsicle Maker to whip up these yummy frozen treats in less than 3 hours. A bag of frozen fruit, sweet cream, and some natural sugar are all you need for fast and delicious Freezer Pops.

7 Healthy Recipes That Kids Actually Like More Than Cookies

Shhh! Don’t tell the kids the secret ingredient in these delicious blondies! Protein from almond butter and chickpeas will keep your kids going for hours, but they’ll be fooled by the decadent taste of these scrumptious Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies. Bake up your blondies in this Good Cook Rectangular Ceramic Dish for foolproof results.

Pass on the cookies for these handy little Granola Cups.  Yogurt, fresh berries, and granola give these crunchy goodies nutrition for the long haul. Use Good Cook’s Air Perfect 24 cup Mini Muffin Pan to shape and bake your granola cups to perfection.

A super healthy version of a cookie, these Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Energy Bites are little balls of deliciousness. Stuffed with nutritious ingredients, little ones will fall in love with this convenient snack.

Toss 7 good-for-you ingredients into the blender for these super yummy Cookie Dough Bars.  With no added sugar, these sweet treats are perfect for toting around town.

These superfood-packed Chocolate Snaps are positively delicious and so easy to make. If your kids love chocolate, they’ll beg for these snappy little treats!

7 Healthy Recipes That Kids Actually Like More Than Cookies

A drizzle of hot fudge, crunchy granola, and some festive sprinkles dress up plain slices of apple. Irresistibly good, these ingenious Peanut Butter Granola Apple Party Bites will have your kids coming back for more. The Good Cook Touch Apple Wedger makes snack prep a breeze!

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