7 Frosted Quick Breads

You deserve a break, a few minutes to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a little sweet. The British do it daily, so shouldn’t you? Treat yourself to a new ritual – one that’s relaxing and non-stressful, one that involves a delicious slice of frosted quick bread and a hot cuppa to balance it out. We’ve found a bundle of sweet recipes to get you started, ready to bake up at moment’s notice. So get your coffeepot brewing and whip up any of the 7 incredible frosted quick bread recipes below. We guarantee it’s the best way to turn your day around!

We’ve got a few bakeware favorites to get you started. The Good Cook AirPerfect Nonstick Large Loaf Pan is just right for a generous loaf, or the Good Cook 5 X 3″ Mini Loaf Pans bake up smaller loaves for gifting or freezing. With holidays just around the corner, tie a Sweet Creations Holiday Treat Gift Envelope on your edible gifts with cheerful greetings for friends, teachers and neighbors.

  1. Little Braided Sweet Bread

Cute, fragrant, and slightly sweet, these Mini Braided Sweet Bread loaves are just right for breakfast and snacking. For an irresistible touch of sweetness, drizzle on a citrusy lemon glaze. Bake until beautifully golden in Good Cook 5 X 3″ Mini Loaf Pans.

2. Frosted Cinnamon Banana Bread

Banana bread gets a double dose of cinnamon, dotted with cinnamon chips and seasoned with cinnamon spice. Frosted for extra sweetness, share this moist and decadent Frosted Cinnamon Banana Bread with friends and family. Bake it up in a Good Cook AirPerfect Nonstick Large Loaf Pan for an insanely good midday treat.

3. Mini Cranberry Holiday Quickbread

Fresh cranberries are cooked into buttery, tender loaves of orange-scented Cranberry Holiday Quickbread. A great holiday gift to share with neighbors. Use Good Cook 5 X 3″ Mini Loaf Pans to bake up these cuties and spread good holiday cheer!

4. Mini Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread

Pumpkin-kissed bread, sweetened with cinnamon-sugar and baked pull-apart style, frosted with a deliciously sweet Pumpkin Spice Icing. A perfect fall treat, bake up this Mini Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread in the Good Cook Nonstick Dessert Bar Pan.

5. Mini Gingerbread Cakes

Tiny bites of sweet, soft gingerbread, served in Sweet Creations Holiday Boxes. So cute, so sweet, and so delicious! Make a whole batch of these Mini Gingerbread Cakes to share at a party or give individually wrapped mini muffins to friends and neighbors.

6. Cranberry Orange Banana Bread

This Cranberry Orange Banana Bread is easy to make, and tastes even better when served with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Wonderfully moist and flavorful, and it’s drizzled with a yummy, sweet orange glaze. Bake it up in a Good Cook AirPerfect Nonstick Large Loaf Pan for an incredibly tasty treat.

7. Apple Streusel Pull Apart Bread

Cinnamon-apple filling is tucked between flaky layers of biscuit dough and topped with golden brown streusel. A sweet icing drizzle finishes this easy and delicious Apple Streusel Pull-Apart Bread. Tuck your dough in a Good Cook AirPerfect Nonstick Large Loaf Pan and bake away as fall-infused aromas waft through your home.

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