7 Things You Totally Have to Cook in February

It’s been a long winter, and the February blues have set in. The best solution we can offer is a steaming hot, delicious dinner. Comfort food has the effect of wrapping you up in a cozy, snuggly blanket, but in this case we’re talking food. A tasty dinner is like a bright spot to look forward to at the end of a long day. Sit down, eat good food, feel better. That’s it! Take on February with an arsenal of amazing recipes. We’ve found 7 recipes that you must cook in February, and we guarantee each one will banish the February blues!

7 Things You Totally Have to Cook in February

1. Orange Glazed Chicken

Oven-Baked or grilled, this incredibly easy glazed chicken is what dinner is all about! It takes a piece of chicken from a boring lean meat to a juicy, flavorful main dish. The spicy fresh ginger paired with sweet sticky orange juice makes an ordinary chicken thigh taste (and look!) incredible. Find this zesty recipe at GOODCOOK.

7 Things You Totally Have to Cook in February

2. Queso Chicken Chili

Creamy and spicy, this Queso Chicken Chili is slow cooked with cream cheese, then piled with shredded cheddar just before serving. Rich and delicious, it’s a fantastic twist on a familiar favorite. Perfect for weeknight dinners, we also think this meal makes a perfect party food. Get instructions for this terrific dinner at GOODCOOK.

7 Things You Totally Have to Cook in February

3. Baked Chipotle Burritos

These chipotle chicken burritos are just as quick and easy as you’d expect a burrito to be, but when you crisp them up in the oven, they’re so much better than an ordinary burrito. Smothered in cheese and a tasty sauce, you’ll get a big thumbs up for this meal! Head to GOODCOOK for this south-of-the-border delight.

This month, you deserve to eat all 7 of these delicious recipes.

4. Tomato Basil Chicken Fettucine

This simple, delightful dinner comes together in a flash. The tomatoes and basil bring in fresh flavors, and the juices from the tomatoes paired with the melted butter make an amazing sauce for the fettuccine. If you’re short on time, repurpose leftover ingredients as needed – sub in leftover chicken from the night before or add leftover veggies from the fridge. Learn how to make this amazing pasta recipe at DAMN DELICIOUS.


5. Zuppa Toscana Soup

This zuppa tuscana soup is comfort food at it’s best, and everyone will love this easy homemade version. In less than 30 minutes you’ll have a tasty meal on the table, and that’s the way a quick weeknight dinner should be! Find this incredible soup recipe at GIMME SOME OVEN.

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6. Italian Drunken Noodles

There’s everything to love about these saucy, Italian “drunken” noodles. This dish is loaded with spicy Italian sausage, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and red and yellow bell peppers. Let’s not forget that the fresh basil adds a lovely depth of taste that makes this dinner so special. Head to THE COZY APRON for this totally tasty recipe.

7 Things You Totally Have to Cook in February

7. Kouign Amann

Traditional Kouign Amann pastry takes hours to make, but this easy recipe takes just under 30 minutes! Brew up a cup of coffee or tea to have with this incredibly yummy, flaky pastry! Bake up this treat at GOODCOOK.

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