Let’s pretty up a basic rectangular sheet cake, take it from plain to amazing in a few simple steps. With some creative cake cutting, a little rearranging, and a slathering of frosting, you’ll transform a sheet pan cake into an impressive work of art. From adorable animals to elegant stacked tiers, we’ve got just the cake you need for your next party. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or special occasion, it’s easy to get started with any of the 7 creative cake tutorials below. Let’s get baking!

Once you’ve dialed in a recipe, whip up your batter and pour it in a Good Cook AirPerfect Nonstick 9 X 13″ Quarter Sheet Cake Pan. It’s what we always use for perfect results, and we know you’ll love it too! After baking, it’s a cinch to remove your cake from the pan, sculpting it just so with a Good Cook Serrated Chef’s Knife and letting it take shape into an edible masterpiece.

1. Naked Tiered Cakelettes

Bring some elegance to the everyday with a stack of simple Naked Tiered Cakelettes. So easy to make, start by spreading a boxed sheet cake between two 9×13″ (or Sweet Creations sheet pan), bake until golden. Then cool and cut into tiered shapes with the Sweet Creations Nested Round Cutters to get the desired effect. We love this idea for bridal showers and wedding parties.

2. Holiday Tree Cake

This simple idea for two Christmas Tree cakes by 2015Interior Design–both made from a single 9×13″ chocolate cake–even comes with a cutting pattern, so you can duplicate the adorable look here. Use the Sweet Creations 11-Piece Treat Decorating kit to pipe on ornaments, or keep it simple with nonpareil sprinkles. Though this idea is an obvious match for the holidays, it’s also a great match for the outdoor lover in your life. Or serve it at your next lumberjack party!

3. Unicorn Cake

Channel your best mythical creature and get baking. Every party needs a Unicorn Cake adorned with candy! Use the Good Cook Touch Spatula Spreader to spread an even layer, then decorate as you wish!


4. Robot Cake

Give your party a technical twist with this fun Robot Cake by Thrifty Frugal Mom. Easy to assemble, it’s got an array of candy to tempt a sweet tooth. The Good Cook Serrated Chef’s Knife will easily help your cake take shape.

5. Wise Owl Cake

Take it from a wise bird and make this yummy Wise Owl Cake! Shredded coconut looks like fluffy down feathers, and black jellybeans make all-knowing eyes. You need a small sharp knife for cutting the white chocolate into feathers, and the Good Cook Touch Paring Knife did the trick!

6. Schnauzer Dog Cake

This Schnauzer Dog Cake is perfect for a dog-lovers birthday. Follow the template and you’re on your way to a professional looking cake the easy way! The recipe calls for 2 box mix cakes and lots of frosting. For amazing results, use the Sweet Creations 11-Piece Treat Decorating kit.

Onesie Cake by Craftsy.com
7. Onesie Cake

Have this adorable Onesie Cake on display at a baby shower or gender reveal party. Solve your dessert dilemma and make this simple and easy cake. Use the Good Cook Touch Spatula Spreader to spread an even layer, then decorate as you wish!

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