7 Clever Ways to Use Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears – you probably have a pair hiding in the back of your drawer and only use them to open packages. They’re more useful than you might think, and extremely versatile in the kitchen. Kitchen shears are basically a super sturdy version of scissors that can be easily disassembled to clean, and we think it’s time you give them a try. Use them for snipping herbs, cutting pizza into slices, breaking apart a chicken, and so much more! Want to put those shears to good use? We’ve rounded up 7 clever ways to use your kitchen shears, and you’re going to love testing out some tasty new recipes!

P.S. We’re crushing on the Good Cook Touch Gourmet Kitchen Shears, which have flexible and comfortable handles for both lefties and righties. The blades separate for easy cleaning, and the sturdy design makes them perfect for your toughest kitchen cuts!

1.Pizza Margherita

Yum! It’s pizza night, and you’re ready to prep – break out your kitchen shears for chopping up tomatoes right in the can, stripping herbs, and cutting your pizza slices. Click on this video to watch how kitchen shears can help with every step of making a killer Pizza Margherita. Grab your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears and get started!

2. Asparagus Caprese Flatbread


Fresh ripe veggies make this Caprese Asparagus Flatbread the perfect summertime appetizer or meal. Use your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears to cut the fresh basil and asparagus, making prep time a breeze. If dinner has you stumped, this is your new go-to!

3. Grilled Bacon Cheddar Dill Hasselback Garlic Bread


Utterly irresistible, this Grilled Hasselback Garlic Bread is loaded with gooey cheddar, bacon, and fresh herb flavors. Let your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears do double duty in this recipe – they’re perfect for cutting slits in your bread and crumbling your bacon in no time!  

4. Grilled Spatchcock Chicken with Corn Salad


Once you go spatchcock, you never go back! Spatchcock is a fancy culinary term for removing the chicken backbone with scissors, ensuring quick, even cooking. This Grilled Spatchcock Chicken gives you a blast of spicy flavor and tender, perfectly cooked meat. Deftly cut through this chicken with the Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears.

5. Chicken Fried Ramen Skillet


Get the taste of Chinese takeout in this fresh and tasty Chicken Fried Ramen Skillet stir fry recipe. Ramen noodles replace rice to make this an easy weeknight meal. Grab your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears to cut broccoli into florets, and you’re on your way to an amazing Asian-inspired dinner!

6. Apple Pie À La Mode


If you’re like me, your pie dough doesn’t roll out in a perfect circle. Instead of spending hours trying to get it right, lay the dough over the pie tin and use your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears to trim away excess dough. It works like a charm every time! Make this scrumptious Apple Pie to test out this brilliant hack!

7. Chicken Sausage Pizza


Quick, easy, and satisfying, this Chicken Sausage Pizza is the perfect solution to the weeknight dinner quandary. Use your Good Cook Touch Kitchen Shears to de-stem the kale, then heat the sauce, assemble, and bake. Simple and totally delish!

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