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When it comes to Kitchen Gadgets, it’s easy to work with what you have, but having the best tool for the job makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. That’s why I try to update my kitchen drawers every year. Tossing old tools that have been broken, twisted, or dinged with overuse. And, replacing them with consolidated tools that work well.

What’s a Good Kitchen Gadget?
Utensils and tools that can do more than one thing are at the top of my list. I’d rather have a clean, organized cupboard with five excellent tools that can do five different things, than twenty-five tools that do only one thing each.
With good, multiuse gadgets in mind, there are 3 you simply must have in your kitchen. Time to toss out your ratty steak knives that can’t cut a tomato. Time to add a sharp vegetable peeler that can slice, peel, and make prep quicker than ever. These three tools are inexpensive, easy to clean, and perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks. You’ll be glad you’ve got them!

Three Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

1. Mini Chef Knife
The Good Cook Mini Chef Knife is the perfect size for cutting small and medium-sized fruits. Sharp enough to slice tomatoes, stable enough to quick-dice onions and garlic, this little chef knife packs a punch when it comes to kitchen prep!

2. Vinyl Handle Peeler.
Brightly colored and easy to hold, even when your hands are wet and slippery, a brand-new vegetable peeler does more than peel potatoes. It makes it easy to hull strawberries, and creates decorative slices of citrus peel in seconds. Bonus tip: use it to turn zucchini or into pretty little ribbons for summer salads.

3. Double-Sided Measuring Flip Spoon
Forget the keyring full of loose measuring spoons. This simple flip measuring spoon makes it easy to measure just enough salt, sugar, or spice for whatever you’re cooking! I love how easy this tool is to clean, and especially love how simple it is to store in my kitchen drawer!

2014-06 Avocado Boats

Kitchen Drawer Creation
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