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BrownieBowl-Strawberry Shortcake

One of the most fun things to do, when serving food to friends, family, or special guests, is to put something in front of them and have them wonder, “How did you do that?”

It’s that sort of wonder that the Bake-a-Bowl creates. Anyone can bake a square or round cake. Anyone can bake biscuit-shaped biscuits. But a serving of cake shaped like a bowl will wow your guests as they try to figure out how you made it.

But it’s not magic. The Good Cook Sweet Creations Bake-a-Bowl is a two-piece baking pan that lets you bake cake, brownie or bread bowls. Use your favorite recipe, or use your favorite mix!


But that’s not all – you can use it for anything that you can bake – how about meatloaf, or potato nests, or pancakes, or cookies?

Then, fill the bowl with appropriate accompaniments, add a garnish if you like, and serve.

The great thing about the bowls made from the Bake-a-Bowl is that they’re reasonable sizes – great for single servings.

But – if you want smaller bowls, you can add less batter.

It gets better. The top part of the baking pan is used to form the bowl’s indentation, but you can also use it to bake a filling for the bowl. How about a brownie bowl with a fluffy white cake filling. Or a pastry bowl with a quiche filling.

The combinations are nearly endless. You could make chicken and biscuit pot pie one night, a honeyed waffle and chicken bowl another night, and finish your meal with these tempting strawberry shortcake cups.

I’ve been working with the Bake-a-Bowl for a while, and I’ve collected some tips you might find useful. Head over to Cookistry for the whole list.

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