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I was standing at the kitchen sink, putting the final bits of prep on hamburger patties, when friend Nathan pulled me aside and whispered. “I want to show you something. But it’s top secret.”

Intrigued that he would have anything even remotely top secret (he’s a rather run-of-the-mill good guy), I dubiously lifted an eyebrow and invited him to fire away.

He grabbed the burgers patties I’d been carefully forming, then grabbed the plate of condiments and burger toppers I’d laid out. Then, he started peeling a hole into the center of each burger, stuffing it full of cheese and bacon, and proudly folding the meat back over the middle to hide all the good stuff he’d…well…stuffed into the center.

“My brother and I came up with this years ago. It’s top secret. We call them ‘stuffed burgers'”

Nowadays, he’s not the only one that knows about stuffed burgers. The next big trend in over-the-top eats finds restaurants everywhere adding a secret bit of goodness right into the center of their burgers–offering extra flavor to every single bite.

Creating a stuffed burger isn’t difficult, but it can be a messy affair. Without the proper tools, it’s easy to cross-contaminate meats and cheeses. Which is why the Good Cook Hamburger Press is such a convenient tool to have in your kitchen during grilling season. It makes it easy to:
• Create hamburger patties in a perfect-for-the-bun shape
• Make an even sized indent in the center of each burger patty
• Quickly stuff burger patties with cheese and other fixin’s
• Keep stuffed patties in place while finishing the process
• Keep cross-contamination between ingredients contained to a single, easy-clean plastic compartment
• Easy clean-up! Less mess!

Ready to try this delicious new trend? Check out our three favorite stuffed burger recipes, then send along your favorite flavor combinations! We’re never too “stuffed” for a stuffed burger!

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