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Some of the simplest kitchen tools become totally irreplaceable gadgets when you start thinking of them outside their normal use. This is what Good Cook: Around the House is all about! Each month we take one of our classic kitcheware items and show you all the ways you can really put that product to use. Check out our latest blog post on Corn on the Cob skewers, then scroll on down for ten top tips for using Ice Cube Trays.

Sure, you can use Good Cook Ice Cube trays for making ice cubes, but in most houses nowadays, an automatic ice-maker will churn out hunks of ice, so who needs these plastic trays anymore? Well, YOU DO! Because Ice Cube trays aren’t just for making ice. Here are ten incredibly useful ways to make your ice cube trays work for you, from a few of our favorite Good Cook Kitchen Experts!

1. “Freeze water with lemon slices, lime slices, fresh berries, and fresh mint to add to mojitos and glasses of water.” Tonya Staab, Create, Celebrate and Explore

2. “I freeze lemon and orange juice for use in recipes.” Melissa Lawler, The Kids are Grown, Now What?

3. “I freeze yogurt in ice cube trays.. then use the yogurt cubes to make smoothies without ice.. keeps them from getting watered down. You can also put a popscicle stick in there and make little popscicles for the kids!” Rachael Orman, Cook, Coupon, Work

4. “Make crayons and use them as little bento style snack boxes around the house or in the backyard while having a picnic.” Jillian Warner, Mommy Tester

5. “I pour leftover wine in them and freeze for later use.” Christina DeSandis Hitchcock, It is a Keeper

6. “Freeze leftover egg whites or yolks from recipes when you only use one or the other.” Donna Currie, Cookistry

7. ” Freeze homemade baby food in them for perfect portion sizes!” Kassie Buck, Coupons and Freebies in TX

8. “Freeze Tomato Pasta for those recipes where you open a can and only use one tablespoon.” Donna Currie, Cookistry

9. “Freeze leftover coffee to make iced coffee later. You can also freeze tea and lemonade to put in your summer drinks.” Donna Currie, Cookistry

10. “Freeze color ice cubes with bubble bath soap for bath time fun.” Kimberly Spencer, Kimberly’s Thoughts


Looking for a fun way to make Father’s Day better than ever this year? We were, too! So we decided to turn this traditional day into a partay! Because, everyone loves to party…especially when it’s done right! Here are a few fun ideas for making your Dad’s Day an extra-special celebration!

Set the Stage
Okay, so dad’s no drama king, so we don’t actually mean set the stage. But we DO mean…set the table! Our Good Cook kid-friendly products include an adorable “Decorate Your Bowl” and “Decorate Your Plate”, so your kids can actually draw their daddy a custom-designed plate. Once the plates are decorated, set the table with more of dad’s favorite things! Does he like grilling? Then place his favorite grill utensils in vases in the middle of the table. Lay out a checkered picnic tablecloth. And hang homemade heart signs from the ceiling. Setting the table for dad is one fun way to really set the mood for your party!

Serve The Sire.
It’s Dad’s special day, so don’t head to the store and stock up on greens…unless that’s his favorite thing ever. Sure, we all want dad to stay healthy and keep his blood pressure down, but for this one day, splurge a little on all of his favorite things. A big steak, a delicious homemade sandwich such as Hot Baked Pizza Meatball Subs , and a batch of his favorite cookies are all delicious additions to your Father’s Day menu!

Plan a Party Game.
Don’t just sit dad down for dinner! Sit him down for a FUN dinner! Prepare a simple party game, where everyone comes to the table and tells dad why they love him. Or invite them to say one word that reminds them of their dad, or better yet, why not share a favorite memory that defines your father? Turning the dinner table into a lively conversation will make Dad’s day full of everything he loves–food, family, and lots of laughter!

Happy Father’s Day! Have fun planning your celebration!

Let’s get the party started, enter to win a Good Cook Dad’s Day Party Kit: filled with fun kitchen tools and a sandwich making kit to help you set up the celebration.

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